Different modes of transport for getting to work

June 8, 2017

There are various modes of transport to get to work each morning. When you’re selecting the best mode of transport to get to the office you have to take into consideration the cost, distance and convenience. The transport arrangement you make each month can either cause you to dig deeper into your pockets or help you save. You have to look at all options and consider which is best for you.

Here are a few modes of transport you which can take you to work.  


If you take the bus you’ll definitely save money because bus fares are cheaper than fuel. But taking the bus can be fraught with many issues such as overcrowding and it can be unreliable at times which could result in you being late for work. If you use a bus you also have to face long queues which can be time-consuming and you could be using it elsewhere more productively.


Most people sit at their desks all day which can negatively affect their health. Desk workers often struggle with neck strain and back ache. This is especially true of those who don’t have an effective lifestyle outside their office. Cycling to work could be the solution because it’s a good workout twice a day which will keep the body agile and the blood pumping.  Cycling will increase your stamina, reduce anxiety and stress, strengthen your bones and improve your overall health. And it’s also a cheaper mode of transport. So if you’re on the tight budget, cycling could be the right for you.

When you choose to cycle you’ll also be helping the planet as you’re doing your part to prevent excess pollution which is created from the other modes of transport available.


Trains may be a cheap mode of transport, but they have many challenges. Petty thieves are notorious for pickpocketin on trains. They’ll strike when the train is empty and you’re vulnerable or when the train is overcrowded and you won’t realise your stuff is gone until it’s too late. Trains in South Africa are infamous for always being delayed. You can wait for hours at one stop because the lines have been compromised.  

But trains are not all bad, they have a few advantages. Train rides are perfect for catching up on a book or reading a newspaper or even writing. And they’re faced with fewer accidents than other modes of transport. You also don’t have to worry about parking or traffic, which frees up the time you would spend looking for a parking space or the hours spent sitting in traffic.

Walking on the sunshine

If your office is within walking distance, why don’t you walk to work? Many people will head out for a walk to clear their heads. And this is because taking long walks boosts your moods. When you walk your body releases endorphins, which are chemicals in the body which help fight off stress and depression. One of the other health benefits to heading outside is that you’ll be exercising which will give you toned legs and strengthened bones.

And walking is free and you’ll be able to save lots of money each month. Of course, if it’s raining you have to look for other alternatives and  you might need to ask a colleague to give you a lift to work  


Taxi’s, unlike trains and buses, have no set schedules, which makes it hard to plan around them. But they are a cheaper alternative to getting to work each morning.  


If you love blasting your favourite music each morning in the car with the wind blowing in your hair then using your own vehicle could be the best option for you. There are many benefits to using your own car. You can set your own schedule which will get you to work on time and you don’t have to rely on anyone else.

You can also share expenses by carpooling each morning with colleagues. Carpooling can help you save a lot of money each month, because each person takes turns in driving their car and using their fuel. This will also aid in reducing traffic congestion and pollution. If you’re on a budget and don’t own a car but are looking for one to purchase you could  go to a dealership, or private seller or an auction. There are many cars you could get at a bargain, whether it’s a used Ford or Audi. You don’t have to break the bank in order to find the perfect vehicle but you need to shop around to find a good deal.  


Finding the perfect transport mode to take you to work each morning can be tricky. You need to find one that’s convenient for you.  



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