Different ways to uplift your lady humps in your summer bikini

September 17, 2015


This one is for all the ladies who need a little extra “upliftment“in the chest area. Wearing certain items of clothing isn’t always designed to fit just-right for ladies with small breasts. And when summer times comes, you can’t help but to keep your beach towel wrapped around your body, in order to hide your breasts. And not even to mention that envious moment when you see Tracy running by and her bikini is like a second skin on her. All you really want to do in that moment is bribe a little boy to trip Tracy so that she can fall flat on her face. *crickets*

HOWEVER, you’re a good girl and you’d never do that. You’re the type of girl that’s going to work around her problem, instead of mope about it. Creating the illusion of a bigger cup size is after all better than no cup size at all.

The push-up bra

The push-up bra is what we call, old faithful, because these padded bras will never let you down. They add lift in all the right places and also claim to add two cup sizes. These bras will add a luscious décolletage to any outfit.

The contouring illusion

For the not so well-endowed ladies, there is a thing called make up and it’s like magic to those who wish to conceal or improve their blemishes. Just as you would create sculpted cheekbones, as if you were Picasso himself, you can use make up, with a well-placed bronzer and highlighter to create an illusion of cleavage.

The Brava

Put plastic surgery on hold for a moment and consider this; a machine that enhances your breasts. The Brava Breast Enhancement & Shaping System is a pump that you wear overnight to expand your breast tissue. All you need is the budget and the motivation to ahead with the purchase. The starter system has two semi-rigid domes, with specially engineered silicone gel rims, and a sophisticated minicomputer, called a SmartBox, that creates and regulates the tension within the domes. However you do need order the Brave through a doctor, to conclude if it is safe for you to use.

Horizontal striped bikini

Horizontal stripes are an easy and inexpensive fashion trick for making your bosom look fuller. The lines across will give the wide appearance, a fuller look to the breasts.

Working out

Weight loss is obviously not on the cards, but working out your body, giving it a good toning and give the surrounding muscles and chest perkier. To maintain the rest of your figure, there are some exercises that can give your bust a boost.



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