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Do’s and don’ts when buying a car from a dealer

February 20, 2019

Shopping for a new car can be thrilling but it can be tricky to keep your wits about you when it comes to finding the best deal. And when buying a car from a dealer, there are some tips and tricks you should follow so that you stick to your budget and are not swayed by a persuasive salesperson. For example, always perform an inspection of a second-hand car and ask about what the purchase includes in terms of fees and so forth.

Once you know exactly how to buy a car from a dealer you will find the car of your dreams. Keep an eye out for car deals during holiday seasons and always bring along a mechanically minded friend so that they can perform an inspection of the vehicle. And do some research beforehand so that you can ascertain whether the car price aligns with the book value. Below are the do’s and don’ts of buying a car from a dealer.

The Do’s

Do have an idea of what car you want

Walking into a car dealership without knowing what type of car can make your car shopping experience all the more difficult. Think about what type of car suits your lifestyle, your needs and your day-to-day travel. For example, if you only need to get to and from work and the shopping centres, a fuel-efficient hatchback is the best idea.

You could do some online research about which car models will best suit your needs and bring this list along with you to the dealership. You should think very carefully about the make and model that you prefer, as this will help you to narrow down the search. Ask the salesperson for advice only if you feel as though there are too many options that meet your needs as they might have some extra insight which you are lacking.

Do have a budget in mind

Having a strict budget in mind is important for any major financial purchase. And this is especially true of a new car. You will need to plan a budget that takes all of your monthly expenses into account as well as how much you can put down for a deposit. If you do not have these two numbers in mind when shopping, you might end up paying more than you can afford.

Think about the monthly payment of the car as well as extras such as insurance, fuel, maintenance costs, as well as service fees. These will all need to be factors in your budget, and you will need to discuss this number with the dealer in order to negotiate a good financing deal that will fit your wallet. The purchase price will not include all of these fees, so include all of these in your budget.

The Don’ts

Don’t only look at one dealer

You might think that looking only at one dealer means that you have fewer choices to confuse you, but it will actually mean you have a limited choice and might not find what you are looking for. Ask each dealer for a quote on your choices of car and compare these prices before you apply for finance, a plan, and a service as the prices will have an impact on your monthly repayments.

You can also turn to online research in order to compare prices from different dealers, as you will not have to speak to them in store and can perform your own calculations. Take these comparisons with you when visiting the different dealerships so that you can ask them about their pricing. You might find a great deal by showing the dealer that they have competition, which will encourage them to negotiate a better price.

Don’t forget the test drive

One of the most important steps in buying a car from a dealer is going for a test drive. Now, this might sound obvious but many new car buyers forget to take the car for a test drive and only notice problems once they drive off of the dealership lot. This is not only a waste of your time but a car with issues can end up costing you a lot in the long run.

The test drive should take the vehicle through heavy traffic, over hills and uneven roads and include stop-start areas so that you can see the full picture of how the car drives. Make sure not to listen to music while driving the car so that you can hear if there are any strange noises, as well as hear how the gearbox handles gear changes. If you notice something is amiss, do not be afraid to ask the salesperson about it and make a note of their answer.

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