Drones and the future

November 20, 2017

Drones are increasingly becoming popular in all sectors. Literally all sectors of life. Military, commercial, personal… you name it and there’s likely a drone operating in it. No need to wonder anymore about where we are and where the future is headed when it comes to drones because here is everything you need to know.


Whether it’s your pepperoni pizza or those bathroom sets that you ordered online, the future brings drone delivery. Instead of your opening your door, open your window. Or have your package delivered directly to you in almost no time at all.

More than personal orders, drones are able to deliver medical resources to remote, inaccessible or otherwise dangerous areas. This will change on-scene accidents, for example, where medical equipment can be delivered and paramedics will be able to remotely instruct those on-scene on how to use the machines to save the life of victims.   


Amazing discoveries and perspectives are being achieved with drones and their camera quality and capabilities. They are able to fly into new spaces and places without any lives being risked just to get the shot or see what’s around the cliff-face corner. Documentaries can go more in depth and explore nature more thoroughly.  

And, obviously, it can also be used in the filming industries to film music videos and movies from new angles and perspectives.


Even farmers will be able to use drones with 3DR mapping to analyse the soil and farming area to decide on planting patterns, which can then be planted through drone-planting systems.  Drones will be able to assist in crop spraying, crop management and crop health, by scanning crops for infections and pests. And, also in the crop cycle, is irrigation, which can be monitored by drones that can identify dry areas or areas in need of attention.

The agricultural industry will become more efficient with the extra eye-in-the-sky.  


It’s no surprise that the military will continue to utilise drone technology as it develops. It’s perfect technology for remote surveillance and even border control.

What’s more, the future and drones will lead to “swarming”. Swarming in the military means a whole new battlefield where man is not directly involved or at risk and the maneuvering and firepower abilities of the swarm are incredibly powerful. It will change the dynamic of war, attacking and surveillance strategies. It will become a matter of the largest and better swarm.   


Drones will equally be as effective in rescue operations as they will be in the military context. The same surveillance ability will prove a strong help in surveying areas after natural or manmade disasters, where smaller drones will even be able to get into smaller spaces to search for signs of life via thermal sensors. It will allow rescue parties to respond quickly and recover victims easier.

Drones are able to work in the fire department by scoping out a situation before sending the fire fighters in. That way they can have a better idea of what to expect, where to go and how to work through the building without wasting time. And it can even act as a water carrier to extinguish the fires.  


An electric, self-driving and flying car concept has been dropped by Airbus. This will change the public transport world as we know it. A future of flying cars isn’t as far away as some sceptics wish it would be

Audi is also in the process of creating a smart factory where drones are the assistant builders in the production line of building cars. “Audi is testing two types of drones – one which can carry items such as steering wheels around, another that can be used to offer camera-based repair and maintenance work.”



With the general recording, thermal, accessory and mobility properties of drones as we’ve explored them, there are also other areas of the world as we know it today that will be altered in the future. These include surveying pipes, construction foundations and building sites, tracking storms and the weather, protecting nature reserves and even replacing firework displays.

Drones and the future are two concepts that are quickly approaching us and we need to stay updated with the technology in front of us, while still looking forward to the technology that’s ahead. It’s scary and exciting – both overwhelming emotions. We can only prepare ourselves by educating ourselves and embracing the change.

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