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Easy to make meals for people on the go

August 24, 2016

Busy schedules, chores and deadlines can take up all our personal time. Most people have full time responsibilities they can’t fail to neglect, whether it’s work or taking care of the kids, or both. These can become particularly draining when you need to all meal times into the mix. For many this is when cooking becomes a chore instead of an experience. The rush of having to get things done may result in unhealthy meal choices.


Prep time

Meal prepping is a system you’ll find you can’t live without once you start. You may even wonder why you’ve never considered prepping meals before. Prep your meals hours or even days before hand. Your prepping can go from being intricate to basic, depending on what you plan on preparing. By chopping up veggies and putting them in the freezer you speed up your cooking time by 20 minutes. If you have two whole chickens, cook up both and freeze the other for your next meal. You’ll just need to defrost your chicken when you want to eat it and add it to whatever you’re cooking. It may take up a few hours of your time on one day, but at least for the next week you’ll know you have everything sorted. Prepping also allows you to cook according to your schedule.


No cook ideas you need to try

Fortunately there are meals which don’t require any prep time or cooking. They are easy to throw together in no time at all and allows you to avoid running to the take-away store at the last minute. By keeping simple beef recipes at hand you can quickly whip something amazing together.


Keep aside a tub of hummus, tuna or chickpeas

This will come in handy especially if you have cucumber, red peppers, carrots, green beans or celery in the fridge. These all taste amazing when dipped into the hummus.  Even cottage cheese or a variety of other dips will complement what you have in the fridge. If you have a tin of chickpeas, add this to leftover salad from the da. Even adding tuna with salad makes for a healthy lunch. Whenever you’re craving something healthy, always have chickpeas or tuna handy for a quick, yummy snack.


Do you have extra cold meats in the fridge? A mezze platter filled with cold meats, cheese, olives and crackers are great for a healthy platter. These simple snack ideas are healthy and quick to throw together in a bowl.


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