Easy ways to update your bedroom

April 10, 2018

An outdated and dull bedroom can be uninspiring, but updating the room can be difficult and costly. However, with the right know-how you will be able to transform your bedroom into a sanctuary that reflects your personality. Keep it simple and you will find that updating your bedroom can be fun.

Matching bedroom furniture

Your bedroom furniture can impact the overall look and feel of your room, so make sure that it matchest. Mismatched furniture may suit an eclectic room but if you are trying to upgrade your bedroom and refresh the look, matching furniture is the way to go.

For a more modern aesthetic, choose bedroom furniture that has sharp lines and in dark colours such as mahogany or black. If you are trying to create a more peaceful atmosphere, lighter colours are ideal. You could look for furniture that has been painted to match the colour scheme of your room or put on your DIY hat and paint your current furniture to match your new vision.

Change the bedding and curtains

An easy way to update your bedroom is to change out the bedding and the curtains for something new and fresh. You should look for designer items to give your room a luxurious look and feel.

For a simple, elegant look opt for single colours rather than pattern and use cushions to accent the bedspread. A Zen bedroom is best achieved with blue or green hues, so look for bedding in these calming colours and opt for matching curtains to maintain the symmetry of the room. Simply changing out your old bedding for something new and fresh can work wonders when you want to update your bedroom.

Try a different colour

A simple, effective and affordable way to update your bedroom is to paint your walls a different colour. If you want to make your bedroom appear larger, use light colours or even a bright white. For something extra creative, use a patterned wallpaper on a feature wall.

If you are looking for a more subtle change, paint one wall in a slightly darker shade than the rest. You can use this wall as a feature wall to hang art on or decorate with unique pieces. A simple trick to creating a polished look is to keep the walls and bedroom furniture neutral, allowing you to add pops of colour with accessories and bedding.

Eliminate clutter

One sure-fire way to updating your bedroom is to eliminate the clutter from your shelves and dresser. Adding more decorations does not necessarily mean that your room is ‘decorated’, but that it has items inside it.

When decluttering, you should ask yourself the following questions:

    • Is it useful? A beautifully organised tray of perfumes is both eye-catching and practical, whereas knick-knacks on a shelf can seem disorganised to the eye.
    • Can it be contained? You may find it easier to lay your makeup out on your dressing table, but it can look messy. Try putting your brushes in a pretty glass container and look for an attractive bag to store cosmetics.


  • Does it add to the room? Even if the items look pretty, it is important that they add to the overall look and feel of the room. An old silver tray may be attractive, but it will not match a contemporary aesthetic.


Set the mood with lighting

Lighting can do a lot to improve the appearance of a room, especially if you include task, ambient and accent lighting in the space. If you have an overhead light source, counter this by having dimmer table lamps or a floor lamp.

To create the illusion of more space, place mirrors strategically around the room in places that are adjacent to the wall or table lamps. These mirrors will reflect light around the room, making it appear larger. Make sure that your table lamps fit with the size of the room – a lamp that is too big will crowd the space and a lamp that is too small will look unappealing to the eye.

Let’s get textural

Adding in different textures to your bedroom can help to make it look new and interesting, and can be an inexpensive way to revamp the space. You could add a brightly coloured shag rug to a neutral room or a velvet throw in a colour matching the walls in a contemporary space.

Playing with texture gives your room visual interest and allows you to be creative without breaking the bank. A silver coloured metal table matched with a grey plush blanket on a bed will emphasise the modern simplicity of a room, while a woven mat in a bright coloured paired with linen cushions in the same hue is the perfect combination for an eclectic bedroom.

Get creative

Updating your bedroom can be a fun and exciting experience, so don’t forget to let your creativity fly free when decorating. Mix and match colours and textures for a funky look or stick with elegant monotones for a contemporary feel. Remember to have a plan in mind beforehand so you do not become overwhelmed or confused about your vision for your room. Once you are done, you can sink into your bed and enjoy your ‘new’ bedroom.

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