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Elements which reduce your property value

July 11, 2016

The day you move you’re not only leaving behind the memories of years gone by. You’re also leaving behind certain elements for the new owners to face. This could either spell trouble for the new owners, which can drop the property value or increase the sale of your property. Ensure that you’re not holding onto elements that could stall the process of the sale of your house. You may end up losing potential buyers because of this.


The size of your garage


For buyers who don’t know the area, they might be hesitant to park their vehicles outside if there is no enclosed parking space for their vehicle. Street parking isn’t appealing to a buyer, but if they’re in love with the place, they’ll make it work. Also bear in mind larger families are unlikely to settle for a small garage, they’ll want to stow away miscellaneous items in the garage.


An obscure floor plan


While a buyer looks into securing suitable property finance for their new home, they’re going to consider the price range and size of the property. There are buyers who will swoon at the cosy feel of small rooms, while others may feel that the space is too cramped. An important feature of any house is the layout. The floor plan is something they’ll have to consider if they ever decide to extend the property.


Necessary upgrades


Antique electrical and plumbing systems may also hamper the sale of the house. The new owners may not want the hassle of doing an upgrade, so do the necessary upgrades before selling. Don’t leave a leak in the roof behind for the next owner to fix. This could potentially steer away any potential buyers. Be sure to fix anything that could increase the value of your property.


The use of a swimming pool


A pool may be a luxury item that adds value to a property but it can also make buyers turn away. The upkeep of a pool can be costly and can be a negative for potential buyers.


Criminal activity


If buyers are hearing and reading about criminal activity in your part of town, it can instantly impact the sale of your house. People care about the safety of their loved ones and their property. If your neighbourhood is commonly known for house break-ins it may impact your sale price.


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