Essential items every women needs in her wardrobe

June 15, 2017


Women come in different shapes and sizes. And their tastes may differ. But there are key items everyone needs whether they have a have a walk-in closet or a reach-in closet. These items are investments which make which can make them look and feel good.

Here are essential items every woman needs.

Exercise bra

A good exercise bra can be a wonderful support for your breasts. Whether you’re jogging, boxing or squatting you need to buy a sports bra. Some woman don’t think they need to buy an exercise bra and rely on a t-shirt bra instead. But you need to invest in an exercise bra because it’ll give you comfort and support. Our breast bop up and down when we workout and if your breasts don’t have the adequate support they could end up sagging and you could end up developing breast pain.


Most women know the struggle of purchasing a pair of showstopping heels only to find their feet throbbing with pain and then barely able to walk in them. This is why you should invest in a pair of comfortable heels which you can wear to work or functions without killing your feet. Invest in a pair which have a thicker heel and some padding. This will provide a cushion for your feet and will give them comfort.

Body shaper

You don’t need a nip and tuck to help you look slimmer you can just invest in a body shaper. Body shapers are a great way of building confidence and smoothing out the body because they hide bulges and any unflattering parts of your body. Body shapers have shaped the way women look in clothes and Triumph has a great range of body shapers you can choose from, which will transform the way you look.

Weekender bag

A weekender bag is essential in your wardrobe. Whether you’re spending the weekend away at a friends place or heading out to the beach you need a beautiful bag which can hold all your clothes and toiletries. They come in different sizes and styles and there’s a wide variety to choose from whether it’s leather tote or a cotton floral bag.

Your signature scent

Every woman should invest in a fragrance which fits their personality. There are different scents to choose from, including floral, citrus, oceanic and oriental. Make sure you find the one which suits you.  When you put on your fragrance make sure you apply it to your pulse points such as behind your ears, on your wrists and at the base of your throat. If you have dry skin, your perfume is likely to wear off sooner than those who have oily skin. And if you fall under the former category you should ensure you carry your fragrance with you wherever you go.

White shirt

You need a white shirt in your wardrobe. A white shirt can be paired with a lot of items in your wardrobe. It’s versatile and can be worn formally or casually. It can be paired with denim or with formal pants or a skirt for a smarter look.


The jeans in your closet do the most work because they’re worn in all seasons. Jeans are versatile and come in all styles and sizes. You can buy boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, a slim fit jean and high waisted jeans. Jeans are a fashion staple which must be in every wardrobe. You can pair them with any shoes and most tops in your closet. Not all jeans are made equal but if you have found a pair which is comfortable and fits like a glove and you can’t let go of then you could buy more than one pair


Accessories are a girl’s best friend and have the power to transform an ordinary outfit and make it more glamorous. Whether it’s a statement neck-piece, designer handbag, or nail polish. A simple accessory can change your look completely. Just make sure you don’t overdo it and end up looking like a Christmas tree.

Evening clutch

Whether you’re going to a wedding or out with your friends in the evening you need to invest in a clutch bag. You’ll need it to store your cell phone, lipstick, perfume, money and car keys. And if you need more space you could opt for a larger size rather than a regular compact clutch.

Investing in a few staple items could help you build your wardrobe. Whether it’s a pair of good comfortable heels or a classic white shirt, these pieces are necessary and make your wardrobe more versatile.





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