Fascinating fitness trends for 2015

January 13, 2015

As much progress as we’ve made as a species, we still need to take care of ourselves, through proper diet, health and, of course, fitness. What we regarded as methods of fitness in the past today we no longer do: either because they were proven not to work or because we’ve figured out better ways to achieve the same results, through better technology. To that end, we should consider what people will want for their fitness in 2015.

The first and most important focus is individual and personalised fitness.

There are numerous apps that have been designed with this mind, particularly working in conjunction with wearable tech. Argus, for iOS, for example, works in the background of your mobile device, to track your movement and various other stats to give you a personalised report, to help monitor your weight, movement and so on.

Other kinds of apps, such as Zombies, Run!, created a goal-focused environment to make the boredom of fitness seem fun. It helps create a goal and scenario that you must “win” and, by doing so, makes you fit.

Another new focus is using one’s own weight to create strength, trying to eradicate the need for gym attendance or electronic machines. Instead, there will be new focus on things like adult jungle gyms. When we think of jungle gyms, we think either of the ones in kids’ parks or DIY jungle gyms – but fitness tools, to encourage movement and strength building, are also important.

Jennifer Hogg, group fitness manager for Equinox, told the Chicago Tribune:

“Expect to see [weight to create strength] continue to expand in all movement experiences, including group and personal training. Look for the comprehensive incorporation of gymnastics, adult jungle gyms, workout spaces that are uncluttered with weight-training machines and open for training, greater suspension-training options, primal movements and more programming that is less focused on standard weight-lifting protocols.”

Speaking of giving up the traditional model of fitness, people are also utilising technology to utilise online fitness classes. FitnessGlo, for example, offers online classes for people at home or on the go and can be done with experienced instructors, from the comfort of home.

All of this is about reducing the stress of the fitness activities themselves and, by definition, maximising the fitness that can result from this. After all, you’ll be getting fitter if you spend more time actually exercising rather than time getting to the gym or waiting for equipment to become available. Indeed, operating on your own time could mean you do more, rather than having to skip classes entirely due to a busy schedule.



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