Finding a reliable mechanic

March 29, 2016

Auto mechanics are the surgeons of the motor industry. They are able to fix and bring to life a vehicle that has seen better days. Finding a reliable mechanic is like being first in line at the bank.  There are many trustworthy mechanics, but how can you be certain the person you are trusting your vehicle with knows what they’re doing? Reliable auto electricians can save you a ton of money in the long run. You can be rest assured that a few weeks after a service, you won’t need to go back to your mechanic.


Deciding where to take your car


Large corporations or dealers typically have to keep their revenue goals in mind, which means there is a conflict of interest when they need to inspect your vehicle. There is an urgency to get the job done and it’s during this process that things may go wrong. They will also encourage you to fork out money on minor matters that may not require your immediate attention. The downside of choosing the option of going to a dealer is you never get to speak to the mechanic working on your car. Should you have anything more than an oil change, then choose to go to privately owned businesses in the area of your choice such as Cape Town or Pretoria West. It is recommended you only go to a dealership if your vehicle is still under warranty.


What you need to consider


Consider the following before hiring someone to work on you vehicle.


  • Does the mechanic give you options you can choose from that will save you money?
  • Are you able to join them in the workshop to watch them work on your car?
  • Are they friendly and helpful when you have questions?
  • Is the shop organised and clean?


Sourcing a reliable mechanic


Ask friends and family whose auto mechanic service they prefer. They will give their trusted opinion and will not steer you in the wrong direction. If you constantly hear the same name pop up then you know you have a winner. Another reliable source of information would be to check with local car enthusiasts. These guys know a number of people in the trade and will give you a vast amount of information and who to look out for. In the automobile industry, word gets around fast you will be surprised at what you may find out. You can also check out reviews from online services.

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