First things to do when you move to Durban

May 18, 2018

KwaZulu-Natal is another province that adds to the uniqueness of South Africa with beaches, mountains and forests making up the landscape. If you’re moving there from Cape Town or Johannesburg, you can look forward to a subtropical climate where most regions of the province have mild to warm winters and plenty of rain.

Moving to Durban from Cape Town (CT) or Johannesburg (JHB) will be quite a change. Especially when it comes to the cost of living figures. You’ll end up spending less than what you would if you had stayed in the Mother City or City of Gold. There is also a unique diversity of Indian, Zulu, Afrikaans, English and even some Mauritian cultures around the province. Everyone can make KwaZulu-Natal their home and, with everything on offer, you won’t regret making the move.

Here are a few things you should do as soon as you move to Durban to get yourself used to your surroundings and settle in.

Buy a car

So, the reason why you should sell your current car, in whichever city you currently find yourself in, is because buying a car (and car insurance) in Durban would be more affordable. And, therefore, the smart money choice. So, sell your car and use that money to put down a decent deposit on the car you buy in your new home’s hometown.

If you want to make the most of your money, find used cars for sale in Durban and get bang for your buck, the pre-owned car route. There are used cars in Durban and plenty cars for sale in KZN as a whole. You’ll find the brand, model and colour of the car you want and you should easily be able to afford it. More so than in CT or JHB, that’s for sure.

Once you have your car, you can really start enjoying what Durban has to offer.    

Drive to the beaches

One thing you need to know about Durban and its surrounds is that they have some of the best beaches in South Africa. With the combination of seaside entertainment, warm ocean water and on-the-sea activity, every day spent at or by the beach is a day well spent. Which, naturally makes it one of the most important things to do as soon as you get to Durban. So, throw on your costume, pack in the towels, get into your car and let’s go to the beach.  

  • North Beach: In Durban, there’s the Golden Mile Promenade from North to South beach. Think Sea Point Promenade, but better and busier. There is an amazing skate park here, traditional man-drawn carriage rides available, restaurants and food stalls, sand-castle-art makers on the beach and swimmers and surfers in the water.  
  • Umhlanga Rocks: Heading north of Durban, we find Umhlanga and its beautiful Umhlanga Rocks beachfront. Walk along the “whalebone” pier and take the necessary panoramic photo of ocean, beach, lighthouse and cityscape. Spend romantic evenings at one of the restaurants along this beachfront or take a six-minute drive to Gateway, one of the largest malls in Africa.
  • Umdloti Beach: Another beach north of Durban is the quieter Umdloti Beach. Rock pools for the kids and surfing for the adults, this beach has everything it needs for a beach day, minus the touristy buzz the previous two beaches are known for. And if you ever feel like an early morning swim or breakfast on this beach, you may see some dolphins go by.
  • uShaka Beach: Back in Durban itself, you can go to uShaka Beach with sand, ocean and piers. It’s also quite a touristy beach because of the uShaka Marine World Theme Park and the Moyo restaurant out on one of the piers. But it’s a beach you need to experience at least once while you’re still settling into the city.
  • Ansteys Beach: Heading 10 km south of Durban, you’ll find Bluff. And Bluff is home to Ansteys Beach. A small, “hidden gem” beach for swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving and surfing. Low tide also brings rock-pool adventures.

Have some real curry

If you’ve never tried a Bunny Chow or a Gatsby-sized curry roti, make it your mission to have one of them on your first night in your new home. Durban is home to so many authentic Indian curry restaurants with spices you won’t really find as easily anywhere else in South Africa.

Durban knows how to cook and you’ll definitely enjoy your the food side of your new city experience.

Roadtrip around KZN

And to make sure you know exactly where everything is in your new province, take a roadtrip around KwaZulu-Natal. This way you’ll get a taste of all the cultures, vibes, landscapes and beauty this province has to offer.

Be sure to have the Midlands Meander on your roadtrip route, as well as the Beer Route (through the Valley of a Thousand Hills, Midlands and Zululand), and the Drakensberg Experience Route. Then, if you can fit in the towns of Ballito and Richards Bay, do it. Maybe even make those weekend getaways after you’ve settled in.

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