First time dinner dates for beginners

June 15, 2016

Going on a dinner date with someone you barely know is an effective way to learn more about a person, see whether you’re compatible and try to build a connection. However, not all dates prove to be successful the first time around. Being anxious or lacking in self-confidence can dampen the mood and inhibit the person from seeing the real you. The person may then not be open to a second date, so ensure you have everything settled and your emotions in order the first time around. Dressing up will give your self confidence a boost. So, get out your little black dress, wear your favourite ladies shoes and put on your lipstick. That’ll get you in the groove to go out and have fun.


Avoid liquid dates


Dates that are centred around alcoholic beverages could cloud your vision of who the person really is. Stay away from happy hour as it may create a false sense of intimacy. Alcohol may give you a nice buzz and the courage to be yourself, but it could also enable you to become your alter ego. You want the person to see who you truly are without the use of alcohol as a booster. Stay sober and enjoy one or two glasses of wine with your food.


Ordering for your date


Ordering food for your date may be a kind gesture, but it could also be perceived as being controlling. Even if you know what’s great on the menu, allow for your date to choose their own meal. However, if you’d still like to order for your date, ask whether they’re okay with it, instead of taking initiative. Your consideration will be appreciated.


Don’t be self conscious about what you order


Don’t order a salad or something light because you don’t want to be perceived as someone who has a large appetite. If you genuinely enjoy salad, then order it. Feel free to order what you prefer to have in front of you. You’ll have a more enjoyable dating and dining experience. Your nerves may make you push your food around on the plate instead of eating it.


You may be dying inside because of hunger, but this could in all honesty hamper you from being your best self. Eat your food and enjoy it. Have the same amount as you normally have and see it as enjoying a meal with a good friend. If you feel like you’re being judged for what you’ve chosen to eat, then this isn’t the person you should be with.


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