Four reasons why taking a holiday is important

September 30, 2016

Holiday time is around the corner. Whether you decide to go away for a weekend or a week or two, holidays are very important for the body, mind and soul. You deserve time off to rest after a stressful year of deadlines, meetings and overall stress. Here are four reasons why taking a holiday is important.

  1. You’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated

After a long year at work there’s nothing more that your body craves than rest. A holiday doesn’t have to be expensive. Look online a few months before your leave begins and book a cottage somewhere the whole family can enjoy. When our bodies are exposed to sunlight, the body has the ability to convert vitamin A into vitamin D. This helps strengthen the immune system. Therefore, spending time outdoors in the sun is medicine for the soul.

  1. Holidays help broaden your perspective

Whether you decide to take the family camping or on an overseas trip, going on holiday always broadens your mind. You’ll experience and notice new things, you’ll be aware of things which you usually take for granted such as the amazing sunset. Being in a new environment means that you often get the opportunity to meet new people, whether it be meeting another couple at the hotel bar or your kids making new friends on the beach. Holidays are important to broaden your networking skills.

  1. Remembering memories

Time goes so quickly that we barely find the opportunity to reflect back with our families. Holidays are a great time to reminisce over memories. Spend time doing things everyone enjoys, whether this be evening strolls, adventurous hiking trails or just hanging out with your loved ones. Time together is precious. Keep a holiday diary and write down what you did each day, this’ll help you remember your vacation in time to come.

4. Pamper session

You deserve to treat yourself to a pamper session, whether this be a weekend away with the girls, a spa session with your partner or booking into a hotel for the night. Being away from home and work stress means that you can relax back and be treated like royalty. You’ll find yourself appreciating being pampered and will start to notice things like the hotels bathroom sets, beautiful aromas and the scented candles. These new sights and smells will help you relax and reboot.


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