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Four work lunch tips

September 9, 2016

We are all guilty of spending way too much money on lunch during the work week. A quick run into the shops to buy a toastie, a quick coffee break with work colleagues and  “Friday Pie Day” before the drinks start sound familiar? Not only are these eating habits very unhealthy but they’re costing you too. Buying food everyday means that you could easily be spending over R1000 a month on takeouts. Follow these four tips for preparing work lunches and save your hard-earned money for bigger and better spoils than a bacon and cheese toasted sarmie

1.Pack on a Sunday

The key to spending less money on junk food is being prepared. Do your week’s worth of grocery shopping on the weekend and use Sunday afternoons to meal prep. Go shopping with a list in hand. Buy meat packs and vegetables in bulk. Things you can buy include chicken breasts, green veg and brown rice. Prepare these items and place them in various lunch tins to freeze. Not only is this a healthy meal but you will be saving money too.

  1. Pack to stay full

If you find yourself needing to snack throughout the day on sugary foods such as doughnuts and sugary drinks then it’s time to start packing in healthier snack options. To stay full for longer you are going to want to pack in foods that are low in sugar. You can search online for high protein recipes to prepare meals and snacks to pack in. Food items to include in your shopping basket include eggs, biltong, nuts and avocados. These are foods that will keep you feeling satisfied throughout the day without the urge to eat the wrong foods.

  1. Cook for two meals

Instead of cooking your meals just for the evening, cook extra and either freeze the leftovers or put them straight into containers for work. Eating leftover food at work will save you money and stop those midday eating out habits. Food that you can pack in for work includes leftover stew, curry, spaghetti and leftover braai meat.

  1. Leave your wallet at home

Leaving your wallet at home will stop you from wanting to run out during breaks to go get that quick nibble or buy that sweet treat at the office canteen. Take a certain amount of cash with you if you need to pay parking or in case of an emergency but leave your cards at home. This will help you save that extra ching-ching.

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