Fun ways to teach your kids to save water

July 20, 2018

Teaching your children to save water is one of the best ways to create healthy, happy and environmentally conscious children. However, it can be difficult to make it an exciting topic for little ones to truly enjoy. You will need to make sure that they pay attention to the lessons you are teaching, in order for it to truly make a difference.

You can start with something simple, such as teaching your child how to use the eco-wash setting on your washing machine or showing them how to water the garden using water from your JoJo Tank. If you are looking for ways to teach your kids how to save water, read on for some top tips for a fun time.

Look for water leaks together

It is a well-known fact that kids learn by doing, which means that you can teach them how to save water by showing them how to look for leaks. Ask them to tag along with you as you check out the shower heads, top loader washing machine taps and toilets in your home for leaks.

Another effective method would be to perform a home water audit with them, showing the process of what one would do to check for leaks and what to look for on the water meter. Make up a water efficiency checklist for them to read off of while they are looking for leaks and be sure that you stick to this list every time you do the checks.

Create a cast of characters

Children learn by using empathy, so if you want to teach them about water, tell them a story and create a cast of characters to teach them about this natural resource. Take them for a visit to the local aquarium to see which animals live in and need water to survive, and craft a story around this visit.

When you get home from the aquarium or water park, ask your children how they think daily household activities might affect the animals they have just learned about. You could create your own story for bedtime to instill in them the fact that our water usage, as human, has a direct effect on the lives of sea, ocean and fresh-water dwelling animals.

Start a garden

Nothing teaches water conservation like your very own garden. This makes starting a garden the perfect tactic for teaching your children about saving water. Give them the responsibility of planting and watering some simple plants, such as sunflowers, so that they will realise how important water is to nature.

The garden does not have to be elaborate, it can be a simple herb or flower garden. You could even plant a succulent garden to show them how plants fight to survive by defending water reserves using spines or thorns. Succulents and cacti are powerful symbols of the value and power of water in nature.

Reuse and recycle

If you have set up a garden for your children, you can teach them how to reuse and recycle water by using their bath water to water the plants. You could also ask older children to collect shower water in a bucket while they shower to use for watering the grass or plants.

If you need to mop the floor or clean your car, ask your children to help you reuse this water in other areas of the house, such as for washing windows or in the washing machine. You could make a competition out of this by seeing who has more creative uses for the water, with the winner getting to choose which plants to grow next or something else that is fun and sustainable.  

Don’t waste drinking water

Very often, children will pour themselves a glass of water that is too full for them to finish. Rather than allowing them to simply pour away the water they did not drink, you should teach them to reuse this for something else.

For example, they could use the rest of their water to fill a cooking pot or to pour into the kettle for whoever needs to make tea next. They could even use their water to fill up their pets’ bowls. To instill this in their minds, you could create a short poem or song about how to use drinking water that has not been finished. An educational song is one of the most tried and tested teaching methods for children.

Remember to have fun

Teaching your children something new does not have to be difficult, it can be a fun process for the entire family. You can look for water leaks together, teaching them  what to look for if there is a leak. Another effective way to educate your children about water conservation is to take them to an aquarium to show them the diverse array of animals that live in water and need it to survive. Starting a garden is also a great method to make them aware of how nature uses water, so put on your water warrior hats and start saving the planet with your kids.

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