Getting your kids off the couch and onto the field

August 15, 2016

bikeEating meals in front of the television has become a past time favourite for all members of some families. There are still families who prefer to have their meals by the dining room table, but these are becoming increasingly rare. Whichever your family prefers, there’s no right or wrong way. But if there’s one thing all parents can agree on, it’s important for their children to have a life away from the television. Television can become addictive for children, especially if there’s nothing else to occupy their time. What you need is a fun activity which involves the entire family. This can also improve your family’s health and boost bonding.

60 minutes at least

To maintain good health, children should ideally be active for at least 60 minutes. Any kind of physical activity counts, as long as it gets the blood pumping with a release of endorphins. Encourage your children to put on their cycling shoes and allow them to them cycle around the block a couple of times. If they’ve outgrown their tricycles, invest in bicycles for sale. They can either get moving by walking briskly, running, rope skipping, skating, dancing or even climbing stairs.

Plan active family excursions

Weekends don’t only need to consist of going to the cinema or gaming arcades. Take your children on a hike or bike ride at any of the local parks or walking paths. Strategically plan your vacation locations to include outdoor activities.

Go for a walk

Going for a walk after meal time is a great way for food to digest and to get in an extra workout as you walk around the neighbourhood. Let it become a habit, try to do it as often with your children as you can. When they’re adults they might do the same with their own children. Walk them to school or a friend’s house if the destinations aren’t too far away.

Create an active space

If you have an extra room in your home, set it aside to be to be an activity room for your children. The room should be a comfortable space where they jump about and can be active. This room will come in handy on those cold winter days. Your play room can have hula hoops, balls, puzzles and many other active games for them to play.

Set limits

Set limits to the amount of time your children spend on the internet, watching TV or playing video games. Be sure to monitor their limits too. Always encourage your children to partake in physical activities.

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