Good first impressions: Meeting the parents

April 8, 2016

There are many stages in a relationship that indicate its progression. After the three month stage of casual dating, you may be introduced to your partner’s family. When you are about to meet the family, consider it to be an introduction to the next phase in your relationship. You are no longer casually dating. With this comes a lot of pressure. How do you cope with the anxiety of making a good first impression on your partner’s parents?


Do a bit of digging


Put on your private investigator cap and do a bit of digging before you meet the parents. Your worst mistake will be to forget your partner’s mother’s name. If you’re meeting a whole bunch of people at once, the chances of you remembering all their names are quite slim. Ask your partner to show you pictures of everyone and try to memorise their names beforehand . Addressing someone by their name scores instant “brownie points”. Unlike if you were to ask them to repeat their name a couple of times.


Be a good host or a pleasant guest


If you’re hosting the family, preparing a hearty meal is an excellent way of putting your best foot forward. If you have a problem with your stove or fridge, get the problem sorted beforehand. A quick search online for fridges for sale can save you the embarrassment of having to mop up water from a leaking fridge. Be sure not to slave away behind the stove for too long, the purpose of the meeting is for you to engage and get to know your partner’s family.


If you’ve been invited to the family’s home place, then be sure to be on your best behaviour. A fight with your partner can throw you off your guard, and don’t think people don’t notice when there is tension. Be sure to sort out your differences beforehand as you step in as a united front. Always offer to help out where you can. Helping out here and there will also take your mind off take your mind off the nerves you’re feeling and get you talking to those around you when your partner isn’t by your side with. It sends a good message for family to see that you’re not clingy.


Be comfortable enough to speak up


Don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with, especially when it comes to cooking. If you can’t cook then tell them beforehand that your meal is store bought. Someone might say it taste so good that they would love the recipe. It’s best to be upfront, they may even give you tips, which is the perfect opportunity for bonding.

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