Habits of likeable people

September 4, 2017

womanBeing a likeable person will get you far in life whether you’re a business owner hoping to lure investors or a teacher hoping to influence your students. Successful people in life carry common traits that help them win people over. And in order to positively influence people you need to have likeable traits. Here are a few things likeable people have in common.

They don’t hog the spotlight

You know that one friend who always has a better story than you.Yes, the friend who always tries to one-up you. They are always trying to prove how smarter, better,  and amazing their lives are than yours. Before you even finish your story they’re already waiting to tell you about their way-better experience.  If you tell them about your holiday plans to stay in a four-star hotel, they’ll tell you about the time they stayed at a five-star hotel. It doesn’t matter if you tell them about your new car or your sharpener, theirs is always superior to yours. If you are this kind of person people won’t gravitate towards you, in fact, they’ll avoid you.

Not critical

They’re not judgemental. When you’re with someone who is judgemental you’ll always feel uneasy and won’t fully relax and open up. In order to be influential you need to give  people the freedom to be who they are without judging or criticising them. If you’re able to let people be themselves and allow them to be comfortable in their own skins, then people will warm up to you.  

Listening skills

It’s important to be a great listener and to make others feel heard. Epictetus a Greek philosopher expressed this sentiment, he said”  We have two ears and one mouth so we can listen twice as much as we speak.  When you lend an ear to people you make them feel important by showing them that what they have to say is relevant. People need to be heard and feel acknowledged. Remove any barriers that will make it hard for you to listen, put away your phone, put down the book you’re reading and pay attention.  If you don’t how to listen how can you expect others to listen to you.

They ask questions

The next step after listening is to ask relevant questions. After all to be interesting you have to be interested. Asking question will make the person you’re talking to feel like you’re paying attention to them.  Listening will give you the opportunity to ask thoughtful and insightful questions. You’ll gain appreciation and respect from others by asking questions during the conversation.

They are genuine

Likeable people are genuine and aren’t fake. When people are genuine they don’t try to be something they’re not, they are who they are. Genuine people are confident in themselves and what they stand for. They are also open minded-which makes them approachable and interesting.

Trustworthy and dependable

You can count them. When you are dependable and trustworthy people will always lean on you because they know they can trust your word.

They’re helpful

People who are well liked are always willing to give a helping hand when it’s needed. If people need your help and you are there to the rescue then you will be a likeable person. Search for opportunities where you can make a difference in someone’s life and you’ll find they’ll also go the extra mile for you.

They are not know-it-alls

There’s nothing than worse than having a conversation with a know-it-all. They feel they are the experts of every topic and aren’t willing to listen to another view. If you’re not willing to listen to where another person is coming from then you won’t win them over.

They willing to learn

Employees who are willing to learn climb the corporate ladder faster. If you feel like you’ve arrived in life and don’t need to learn anything new under the sun you’ll likely stay stagnant. If you have an opportunity to upskill yourself at work whether it’s through a business training course or marketing you’ll likely move up fast.

They put away their phones

If you constantly scroll through your phone while talking to someone it could indicate to them that you don’t want to be part of the conversation. People who are well liked know how to make sacrifices and give others their undivided attention. If you’re more engrossed with what’s happening on your phone it will come across like you’re rude.  If you’re having dinner with someone put your phone in your bag or better yet leave it in your car, if you think you’ll be tempted.  


Everyone wants to be acknowledged and appreciated for the things they do. And giving credit for someone’s efforts can go a long way.


Showing gratitude can take you far in life. A simple thank you can go a long way. In this world with people who feel entitled, showing appreciation is a rare occurrence. Go out of your way to show people you appreciate them.

When you’re a likeable human being you’ll be respected by your colleagues and like by almost everyone. And if you aren’t that type of person all you need is to develop those social skills.  

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