Here’s why breakfast dates work out well

April 1, 2016

Less anxiety


Morning dates can surely work out better as there is less anxiety involved. The general concern with first dates is the lasting first impressions you are going to make on the person. After putting in a full day at work, you will spend most of your time feeling nervous and anxious for the prospects that lie ahead for your evening date.


You’ll feel fresh


It doesn’t matter if you’re a morning person or not, you’ll still behave coherently, unless you’re hungover from the night before. This is another important aspect to remember before your breakfast date; don’t do heavy drinking the night before. Your date will be less than impressed. They would at least want you alert enough to focus on them talking to you.


Good date = good day


The smile on your face as you head home after a successful date will bring about an accomplished feeling. You’ll be so excited about your date that you won’t be able to fall asleep if it were to be at night. Imagine that tired feeling the next day at work. However, with a breakfast date, the day will seem brighter and you will be in the mood to fist pump everyone you encounter. You will show up to work in a great mood, smelling great in your duty free perfume, ready to take on the day. You may soon become the new advocate for breakfast dates.


No chance of being a drunken fool


Having a couple of drinks during an evening date will calm the nerves and loosen the tongue, but too many may hinder your judgement. However, if you go for breakfast you most likely won’t end up drinking. Then again, it’s not like you’re expected to either. Having an alcoholic beverage very early in the morning may send warning signs to your date. They might perceive you as recovering alcoholic or someone that needs a drink in order to put on a different persona.

Expectations aren’t high


Breakfast dates are casual and laid back. There is no expectation for you to make it thrilling, other than your conversation. Let’s be real; bacon and eggs are not going to get much exciting and no one expects it to. You can leave your adventurous dates for the evening, which will count as date number two. Having a follow up date pretty soon is assurance that both parties are feeling mutual.

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