Here’s why everyone should do a marketing course

July 5, 2017

We are all marketers. We spend our lives on various social media platforms, while constantly marketing our own personal brands to the world. We choose our words, our images and our connections carefully so that they may align with exactly with what we want the world to see and know about us. We’re constantly curating our online personas. Ambitious business people climbing the corporate ladder, determined entrepreneurs and even newbies to the marketplace know that marketing is crucial to any business’s success.


But while we all know about marketing, we often leave the marketing of our companies or our departments to outsourced agencies. The thing is that companies need marketing professionals and they need more than just an agency. This is because marketing is no longer about placing adverts, but rather about managing each and every interaction with the public, massive or individual.


Because of this, most working professionals need to have some understanding of marketing. Acquiring a basic skill set in marketing is easy to do if you educate yourself. Marketing courses online or otherwise are easily found. You can find free courses online if you want to test the theory first but you won’t be certified. Just about every professional person can benefit from enrolling in a marketing course. Here’s why.


Your listening skills will improve tremendously


And this is not about listening to angry customers or phone-in clients, this is about listening to the mass marketplace you’re looking to attract. As a marketer, you’ll learn to listen in ways that maximise opportunities to address the marketplace. This will assist you in leveraging pertinent relationships and connect to the people who need to know about your business. Listening as a marketer goes deeper than just hearing what’s happening, it means analysing the information and data you receive.


And this means you’ll make better decisions


Marketing nowadays relies on technology. Data analysis reveals the various different reactions your online audience is having to campaigns and messaging you’re sending out via the internet. Technologies like Google Analytics give you incredible insights into your target market’s behaviour. This, in turn, gives you exactly what you need to make better decisions regarding your approach and segmentation.


You’ll learn to budget


While marketing is an enormous part of every business, the budget for marketing activities is locked into an unchanging amount. In fact, there are some startups and small to medium enterprises who have no advertising or marketing budget whatsoever. And so, no matter how much money is in the kitty, if you have an understanding of marketing you’ll also have some insight about how to optimise the marketing budget. You’ll find out about growth hacking too. Which means you’ll start experimenting with your marketing activities across various different mediums. This is how you’ll find the most cost-effective and efficient way of running your marketing campaigns. And learning how to manage your tight or non-existing marketing budget is a skill you can carry into a variety of different areas of your business.


You’ll be more aware and remain relevant


You’ve heard it time and time again that you need to remain aware of what’s happening in the marketplace at all times. You need to know what’s up in your industry, what your competitors are doing and what your consumers are interested in. You need to use this information to change processes, pricing, infrastructure and so on to suit the needs of your target market. You have to keep abreast of trends and focus on the bigger, industry-aligned picture which can be difficult to do if you’re not hardwired with a sales and marketing brain.


By studying a marketing course, you’ll learn where to find the information you need, how to keep up-to-date with trends and tragedies alike and how to leverage that information and attract more customers. Also, you’ll become a more interesting person and that counts for something too.


You don’t have to sign up for a degree-level course or an MBA in marketing. You can sign up for a short course that’ll introduce you to the basics and then decide if you’d like to know more. You should ensure you gain some certification though as this adds gravitas to your position and opinion.

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