Here’s why you need a life coach

April 28, 2016

Sometimes in life we get a little stuck and at times not even our friends or family can assist us with the choices we have to make. That’s when we could make use of a life coach. They can assist us with laying out  our options and steering us in the right direction.


Life coaches are the kind of people who take an indepth look at your situation and then work out a strategy to suit your future endeavours.


When you’re feeling lost


If you don’t know where you ought to be in your personal life or even your career path, a life coach will get out a map to direct you on your course of action. If you feel like your life is on autopilot and you’re just going through the motions then you need a life coach. They’ll help you recognise that it’s okay to not have it all together and that it’s normal to feel a little lost. The job of a life coach is to open up new doors for you and help you discover what’s important to you.


Even if you’re in a good space


Contrary to popular belief, life coaches are not only used by  those who are unhappy.. People who are at a good point in their lives are more likely open to suggestions and have enough motivation to pursue a new path.


When you’re happy about where you are in life you are more confident and ready to  any grab an opportunity that presents itself. The same goes for women who want buy a new pair of ladies shoes or buying a new set of mags for your car – a life coach opens the door for us to treat ourselves.  Those who are unhappy do the work as well, but those who are happy have a greater drive to do it.


When you’ve become comfortable


Being stuck in routine can make your life feel dull. When you’ve reached a comfortable stage you could wake up one day and feel like you haven’t achieved enough. Remaining in your comfort zone is likely to make you feel like you want more, which will motivate you to attempt something new. But because you’re in a comfort zone you might procrastinate and wait on the “right” moment, knowing full well you’ll never do what you said you wanted to. A life coach will hold your hand, motivate you and then slightly nudge you forward until you take a leap of faith yourself.


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