Home decor tips for a new year

January 13, 2017

A new year means new ideas and no place deserves more of that kind of attention than your home. It’s time to take the opportunity this fresh start presents and start putting changes in place that will make your home more beautiful than ever. 2016 was a hard year for many people, especially with financial concerns and the incredible geopolitical crises happening all over the world. But your home is your castle. That is at least one area over which you do have control. So, that end, let’s consider how you can make it better than it ever could be. You deserve it and your home deserves it, too.

Focus on one area

Your homes can be big or small, but they almost always have on particular area you want to draw people’s attention to. As Declan Herald highlights:

“Every home has an area designed to draw attention, voluntarily or not — be it an impressive painting, a piece of furniture, or a simple accent wall. Controlling that area and the impact it can have on the entire room is up to you, from colour to texture, material, lighting and accessories.”

Focusing on one area means you can add things like accents. Use pieces that can complement the surrounding environments helps to create a slight change and make areas more interesting than they otherwise would be. Changing a space that is already there is easy but can have a dramatic effect.


As indicated, focusing on one area to change is easy but the question is how. One easy way to do this is simply to move things around. For example, lounge suites aren’t nailed down – so why not enjoy moving them and seeing what combination works best?

As Apartment Therapy notes in their guide to change spaces in your home: “We say it all the time: if you want your home to have a golden glow, good lighting is the easiest and fastest way to get there. Each room needs at least three separate lighting sources (and that ceiling monstrosity doesn’t count).”

Try different furniture

Furniture can change the entire house. Why not try new styles? For example, My Domaine notes: Opt for a more masculine look—like a puffy channels leather pillow inspired by the athleisure runway trends.” Masculine in this case is merely a description rather than something as archaic as “For Men Only”. It’s a shorthand for big, bold, strong and rocklike. This in contrast with white paint or curtains tends to go well.

White also helps to spread light around the house. Lighting of course is everything.


As Fresh Home points out: “Lighting can make a house into a home and will allow the personality of the owner to shine through. Without good lighting, the impact of all the other well-thought out details – sumptuous furnishings, opulent flooring, luxurious wallcoverings – will be lost. So getting the lighting right is essential if we are to make the most of our homes.”  

Lighting does everything for a room, since it is through lighting that you judge an item’s colour. The key is to understand the point of each room and what kind of lighting will best serve that room’s function. Laundry rooms or utility rooms are best served by glare free compact fluorescent lights. Studies need task lighting, that is lighting specifically designed to be readable, but focused. This minimises distraction, helps focus your attention and relieves the stress on your eyes while reading.

Open plans are different. Lucy Martin, Design Director at John Cullen Lighting, told Fresh Home: “An open plan living/dining/kitchen needs to have several different circuits of lighting, perhaps a mix of LED spots and low level floor washers, LED undercupboard task lights, and mains voltage lamp light to create depth and texture in the space.  

Natural lighting can also be an excellent tool. This doesn’t require any electricity, but simply smart planning. Windows are the gateways here. It’s helpful to plan rooms that require the most light to utilise as much of the sun as possible. In this way, not only do you get healthy rays of sunshine but you also save on electricity. You don’t need to keep a light going if the sun is doing that work for free. You can also control the sunlight with proper curtains, particularly blackout curtains.

These are just some ways to help improve the home in ways that can help make it better for you. By doing this, you not only make it a better place for you but your family and guests, too. You will be able to do more in your home when you design it correctly.

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