Home Decor Trends for 2017

November 11, 2016

It is almost time to wave goodbye to 2016 and and say hello to 2017 home decor trends. Changing your home decor doesn’t have to be an expensive task, there are a few simple changes that you can make that can update the entire look and feel of your space.

  1. Upholstered headboards

Apparently fashion trends do work in cycles because the upholstered headboard is making a comeback. It is inexpensive to upholster an old headboard and can change an entire room’s look and feel. You can pick up a second hand wooden headboard at a local antique shop for a few hundred bucks. For a quick makeover and an elegant finish, have it have it upholstered and add nailheads to the edges.

  1. Succulents

House plants have been a popular decor item for a long time, but for 2017 you will see succulents emerging in decor magazines in more places than just the living room. Think bedroom, bathroom and even kitchen spaces. Succulents are not expensive, extremely easy to maintain and will change the ambiance of a room completely, making it more inviting and homely. You can pick up succulents at a local nursery and plant them in quirky textured pots. Maintaining them is super simple. Just give them enough light and make sure to water them regularly.

  1. Copper

In 2017 there will be a move away colour metallics and a move to copper and bronze metallics.The overall mood for metallics will be a lot softer and smoother. You can accomplish this through the use of bronze finishings on light bulbs, vases and the like. And, a quick Google search for curtains South Africa will offer you a myriad of options for your tie backs and curtain rods.

  1. Saffrons and cinnamons

These are the hot colours for 2017. Gone are the overly bright colours. Taking their place are the soft minimalistic spice colours. Add  these hues to your house by adding small items in these natural colours – a few scatter cushions in your lounge, a statement bedside lamp with earthy textures or a handmade fruit bowl  – and your house will be on trend for next year.

Adding these few changes will ensure your house is ready for 2017’s decor trends.

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