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Hosting your last summer fiesta

March 10, 2016

Keep it cool by the…


This might be the last time you are going to enjoy splashing about in the pool before the autumn chill arrives. If you have a pool then go for a dip and a dive with loved ones. A late night swim is exactly what everyone needs and if swimming is not an option then get the sprinkler out, or better yet, a slip n’ slide. No harm ever came about from channeling your inner child. Be sure to remind your guests to pack their bathing suits.


A bohemian feel


If you don’t have wooden garden furniture use your couch cushions to sit on. Bring your indoor seating outside and set up a bohemian seating area. Poufs and pillows for comfort will put everyone in a relaxing mood while sipping on pina coladas. End off your bohemian setting with light touches of candles around your seating area. Place tea candles in mason jars and let it hang from the trees or the balcony, for a warm and inviting feeling.


Keep the refreshments coming


Get out the blender, put out the ingredients and have the cocktail recipe book at hand. Have your guests prepare their own variety of cocktail drinks. Not only is this a delicious treat for all, but you will also get to spot who your main bartender is amongst friends. Keep guests hydrated by providing jugs of fruit flavoured ice water. Drop a few fruit pieces into the jugs, for a lovely decorative feature. After all, it’s the little touches that adds the sparkle to any drink.


Your photo booth


What better way to capture the moment than by having a great setup where memorable pictures can be taken? The key to not forgetting a spectacular summer party is to capture each moment with your camera. Create your own photo booth by hanging a colourful  tapestry from a clothesline in your backyard. Put fun accessories and whacky costumes close by for your guests to go crazy in. There is no doubt that you will be become the host that everyone always wishes they were. Play it cool and say goodbye to summer with a light hearted kiss.


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