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Hotels versus camping

March 9, 2017

Hotels and the outdoors both have amazing benefits. Camping offers the opportunity to be surrounded by nature, blue skies, the warmth of the sun glaring down your skin, and the mellowness of being in the outdoors. While hotel rooms also offer many benefits, such as helpful staff, room service, clean sheets and a warm place to stay each night.

Each offers a unique experience, we take a look at both below.



Camping is cheaper than going to a hotel. You have to pay per night at a hotel. And that could end up being extremely expensive for an entire family. You can actually extend a trip when you’re camping because it’s free. But when you are at a hotel, you’ve probably set out the budget. So you have to stick to the number of days that you originally decided to stay.


When you’re out in nature, you experience a tranquil, quiet ambience, which can drastically boost your mood. The sound of the breeze moving through the trees, the wonderful warmth of the sun and the smell of fresh air is a sure way to brighten anyone’s mood.

Health benefits

And by being in nature you will get plenty of vitamin D. If you are feeling a little under the weather, the sunlight will ward off that feeling. Vitamin D  helps fight against depression. You will be exposed to plenty of sunlight, birds chirping and breathtaking views that can only be provided by nature.

When you are out in nature, it will do wonders in combating stress. You breathe more oxygen when you are in nature, there is a release of extra oxygen in the air so it will increase the serotonin in your brain. You will feel lighter and calmer. If you live in a city, there is a constant hustle and bustle that keeps you active. But if you are out in nature, you’re forced to slow down and enjoy the view.


Camping will deepen your relationships. We are living in times where technology has replaced how we interact. Children are usually cooped up inside the house playing their video games or watching television. Teenagers are stuck in their rooms taking the latest selfies, ready to upload on social media. And mom and dad spend time busying themselves with work.

Usually, camping sites are remote enough that there is no signal to be found. Which is ideal because it allows the family to regroup and have proper conversations. You’ll be in the outdoors where there are no distractions. You’ll be able to connect as a family and you can enjoy each other’s company fully.

Sitting around a warm, cosy and bright fireplace, roasting marshmallows, builds up the intimacy between friends and family. There is no rush or hurry to get tasks done. All you have is the sound of crackling fire and smell of burnt wood that surrounds the area.


Camping is good for the mind, body and soul. You will spend much of the time hiking, walking and enjoying the scenery. So you will get a good workout, while you are in nature. Camping gives you an opportunity to be active since you will spend much of your time exploring the place.



With a hotel, you get the wonderful comfort of your cushy bed, crisp sheets, and soft fluffy pillows. If you need a long hot bath it’s only a few steps away. Hotels also have room service so, when you leave your bed unmade, someone will solve that problem for you. If you prefer the elegance and convenience that a hotel provides then this might be the option for you. You can place your luggage safely and leave it at the hotel when you go sightseeing during the day.


We unfortunately have no control over the weather. If it’s the middle of the night and the rain starts pouring,  and if you are camping, you will be caught off guard. But if you are in a hotel, you will be sheltered, dry, and warm since you will be tucked away under a roof. Even if it’s not raining,the temperature can drop to seriously low levels when you are outside and it can make for an uncomfortable time. But when you are in a hotel, you have the option of deciding on the temperature.


When you are in a hotel you are more secure. There are security measures in place so you are safe at all times. But if you are in the outdoors, you don’t have that kind of protection.

Hotels and the outdoors both offer amazing benefits but with nature you will be surrounded by the smell of fragrant flowers, raw earth and dust. And There is nothing more beautiful than sleeping under bright sparkling stars.  And feeling the light breeze of the wind against you face.

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