How to be a trendsetter

July 25, 2016

If you can spot a trend a mile away and turn away from fading fads in an instant, you possess the qualities of a trendsetter. A trendsetter has one goal in mind and that is to spread the word about rising fads to new locations and social groups. Your aim should also be to create your own trend that others want to adopt.


Find followers


You can’t set a trend if you have no one to follow it. Choose a popular crowd which is well-liked in their own right. This will allow you to have a better social influence to the rest of your peer group. People who follow trends are a great indication of how social influence can motivate others. Those who follow trends generally desire to feel part of something. Don’t give into the notion that only famous people can set trends. Your friends can become your followers, but make genuine friendships, not only for the sake of becoming popular.


Keep up with pop culture


Pay close attention to European pop culture. They are the ones who are way ahead of the game. Don’t simply wear a pair of ladies shoes because a celebrity is wearing them. Wear what your own personal style gravitates towards. You’re not here to follow trends, you’re here to set them. Choose what is fashionably trendy and work your own touch into it. Don’t copy an outfit, rather take inspiration from it.


Anything can trend: different fabric types, color palettes and specific garments. While planning your outfit, only use one or two of these elements to implement into your dress code. By incorporating different trend pieces, you won’t be accused of being a copycat.


Know when a trend is over


A trendsetter will see a fading trend coming a mile away, but this is only because you need to be able to track it from the start. In order to stay on trend you need to be able to distinguish when a  trend is about to fade before anyone else. Be on the new trend as quickly as possible. You will notice a trend is becoming stale when it becomes ubiquitous. Once a quirky and unique trend becomes mass marketed, you can rest assured it’s no longer trendy.


Follow the beat of your own drum and be confident in whatever you do. The main characteristic of a trendsetter is being comfortable enough to flaunt whatever you say is in.


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