How to be the best employee

April 28, 2017

Finding a job that you enjoy can be a challenge. Finding a job that not only satiates your career needs but also makes you happy and enthusiastic about your workspace, is even more difficult. You never know what you’re in for, but you can make your work life very pleasant by attempting to be a great employee. Naturally, by being a happy, friendly and productive employee or team member, you’ll find yourself in a good position in the work environment.


Of course, you’ll have your bad days when you’re not a delight in the office and being the best employee feels difficult. But it’s worthwhile to have set yourself up in the workspace so that whether you have a bad day or not, your colleagues and manager will continue to perceive you in a good light. Establishing positive relationships with those around you, and in particular, your direct manager will result in being able to have an open and honest experience at work.


Being the best version of yourself in your work environment is something to strive for and will underpin your success in your career. Here are a few things to do to help you with this.


Know your manager


Your manager has their own set of goals and is driven just like you. Understanding what they’re trying to achieve and the direction they’re trying to steer their team in is crucial information to you. As a team member, operating in a way that aligns with your manager’s goals also helps them to achieve what they want.


You’re placing yourself in the position of value because you understand what’s expected, not only of you as an individual, but of the team as a whole. What’s more, noting your manager’s preferences within the workspace helps you deliver on their expectations which will only put you in a positive light.


Refrain from surprises


Don’t spring anything unexpected on your manager. Rather prepare them beforehand for what is about to come to pass, whether this is a personal or professional concern of yours. Similarly, if you suspect something is amiss within the work environment that you know will affect your manager, alert them to it.


This might be something as small as bickerings amongst team members that appear to not be nearing resolution or something bigger, like a completely dissatisfied customer. You don’t need to be a tattle tail but you do need to speak up if you believe you can avoid a disaster or a chaotic situation.  


Take initiative


Your boss will appreciate having a team member who doesn’t need their hand held. Babysitting you is not a part of their job description. While you may obviously ask for help when you need it the most, you should make a real effort to find the answers to your questions on your own. Ask a colleague or do some research. If you have a problem then have an idea of solutions that might work and present those to your manager.


This shows that you’ve been proactive and you’re thinking for yourself. Don’t be afraid of failure. Even if your ideas are off point, the fact that you’ve made an effort will be what your manager appreciates most of all.


Meet your deadlines


This is crucial to your success in the workspace. While you might not have to work directly with clients or your accounts department you must bear in mind that when deadlines are not met it costs the company money. You don’t have to understand how or why, you just need to know that deadlines are extremely important.


If you’d like to know how it all works then speak up. It’s worthwhile understanding the inner workings of the business. Having keen insight into how the company operates is the type of business knowledge that will help you remain motivated to always meet or beat the deadlines for your work.


These are only a few ways to become the best employee you can. By actively trying to do these things you’ll be pinpointed as a positive member of the team and this might open up doors for you in the future. You could also do some things after hours that’ll help you become further successful in your job.


Consider studying part time while working and choose a course that’s broad enough to be beneficial throughout your career. Marketing courses and business management courses are excellent options for a part time student. If you are keen to study but unsure what course to choose, then speak with your manager. They will be able to guide you and align your professional goals for you simultaneously.

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