How to buy a car for your parents

November 20, 2018

As your parents age, they might need extra help with certain things. These can be anything from helping them to pay bills they might have forgotten or lending a hand with certain DIY projects they might no longer be able to complete. And you might have to help them with big financial decisions, such as buying a new car to suit their needs.

You can go to the used car dealerships in Gauteng to ask for advice on which cars are best suited to their needs. Be sure to bring your parents along so that they can explain to the dealer what they are looking for in a car. They might have different wants and needs to what you expect. Not sure where to start? Below are some top tips on how to buy a car for your parents.

Safety first

While your parents might not be elderly, they will be older and will need to have a car that is safe. You might think that a large, SUV type car is the safest option on the roads, but your parents have needs that will not be met by this vehicle.

You should look out for cheap second-hand cars for sale in South Africa such as hatchbacks or sedans. These types of cars are lower to the ground, which makes it easier for your parents to get in and out of the car. They will not have to worry about uncomfortable entering and exiting positions and they will not be in danger of falling from a height. Be sure there are other safety features such as ABS braking, reverse help and larger side mirrors to help with vision.

Is it comfortable?

One of the most important factors to look at, after safety, is the comfort of the car. This does not only mean that the interior seats are pleasant to sit in, but that they are easily adjustable and offer some form of lumbar support for your parents.

Some modern models offer adjustable steering wheels, which is ideal for parents who might have discomfort in their joints and cannot raise their arms too much. Be sure that there are sun visors to protect eyes from the glare of a hot road and that the seatbelts are easy to pull out and use. If your parent has difficulty twisting a key, look for a keyless option.

Is it easy to use?

Modern cars today come with a lot of bells and whistles. While this might be fantastic for younger drivers, it is not always the best option for older drivers. They might battle to use the new technology, which could make their driving experience difficult and unpleasant.

You might think that having a Bluetooth radio makes life easier, but your parents might not know how to use it. But new technology can also make their driving experience much safer. For example, there are some models that offer a reversing camera that shows drivers the obstacles behind them when they are reversing out of a parking space or the driveway. This ensures safety for both the driver and any pedestrians.

Think about fuel efficiency

When you are looking for cars at used or pre-owned dealerships, you will need to ask the salespeople about the fuel efficiency of the car. This is because your parents will likely not be able to afford a car that has a bad fuel efficiency if they are retired or living off of a pension fund.

Not only will a fuel-efficient car save them money, it will also ensure that they can do more with the money they will have saved on petrol costs. Your parents will appreciate this, especially if you live far away from them or if they have to travel a distance for important errands. Some of the most fuel-efficient car brands include Fiat, Peugeot, Renault and Ford. So, be on the lookout for these cars when car shopping with your parents.

Size matters

The size of the car not only impacts whether or not your parents can get in and out easily but also affects how easy the car is for them to drive. For example, a long sedan might be difficult for an older person to park in a parking spot. The size of the car matters when it comes to comfort and ease of use.

A tall, large car might be great for a young family who goes on adventures, but it is not ideal for an older person who simply wants to zip around town to run errands and visit their family.

However, there should be enough boot space for your parents’ needs, such as if one of them is in a wheelchair or if they have medical equipment they need to take with them on a regular basis. Take into account all of the physical needs of your parents as well as their comfort, and soon you will find the perfect car for them to enjoy.

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