How to choose the best boots for winter

June 26, 2015

One would think that choosing a winter boot is easy. All you have to do is fit them on, walk in them and then that’s it! But you couldn’t be any more wrong. When those chilly mornings arrive your feet will pay the price. Thoroughly check out the boot with these easy steps or you may end up with piles of socks in your laundry basket.


One of the major concerns when shopping for winter boots is have warmth.  Always check out the lining of the boots to ensure your feet do not become painfully cold. The boot should preferably have wool, acrylic, shearling or other thermal materials for its lining.


They say that ladies should suffer for beauty, and there are ladies shoes that aren’t too comfortable. But if you take a good look, you will find your perfect fit.  A comfortable winter boot will have good insoles that provide comfort and support. Take a size that will give your feet extra wiggle room, as this will also give you warmth. If the boot is too tight you could end up with blisters, this is especially important for buyer who intends to wear the boots for prolonged periods.


When wearing boots in the winter, that most likely means walking through snow, water, and mud. To make sure one’s feet remain dry and warm, the boots should be made from waterproof or water resistant materials. While it may be difficult to find fashion boots that are waterproof, you can determine styles that are designed to keep feet warm while retaining their shape and providing comfort, such as rain boots for example.


Finding a pair of winter boots in the correct size may be slightly more complex than in the case of regular types of shoes. Since boots often come over the calves, it is essential to find a pair that is a good fit for the calves, just for that extra measure of comfort. To find winter boots in the right size, you will needs to know the dimensions of the feet. Use a measuring tape and not a ruler!

The winter buzz is finally here and we need to keep warm. Colds and flu are the worst and the way you can go about preventing sickness is to keep warm at all times. Even if the sun peaks out his head now and again, still keep warm. Until then, keep calm and drink cocoa. Summer is only a few month away.




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