How to clean your bathroom

September 1, 2017

Our bathrooms are used on a daily basis, whether it’s to use the toilet, shower, or just use the sink to brush our teeth. Your bathroom should be cleaned on a regular basis as it is a room shared by most people in the house and if left untouched it could lead to the accumulation of bacteria, germs and dirt. Grab your cleaning gloves, cleaning rags, bucket and detergent and tackle those dirty surfaces.


You need to scrub your sink daily in order to get rid of dirt. Your sink gets dirty from brushing your teeth, washing your hands, scrubbing makeup off your face and overspray from spraying your hair. The sink could be filled with dirt and grime and you need to make sure you clean it on a regular basis to make sure it’s spick and span. Ensure you also use an all purpose cleaner to wash the taps as they carry a lot of germs and bacteria too.


A sparkling mirror is a key ingredient of a clean bathroom. If you have a mirror in your bathroom, it may be filled with smudges or hair spray splatters. The mirrors can be cleaned by using old rags or newspapers and a homemade spray mix of vinegar and water.

For an alternative option without any detergent or chemicals, you can use a microfiber cloth. This option is faster as all you need to do is use a wet microfiber cloth and thoroughly wipe the mirror with it. After that, all you have to do is use a dry cloth to wipe again.


Cleaning a shower can be a long and tedious job, but it needs to be done. Otherwise, grime and mildew can accumulate over time.

Remove all shampoo, sponges, soaps, razors, scrubs, and other items you might have in the shower. Wipe them down to remove any mildew and throw away any bottles which you’re currently not using.

Flip your shower curtains over the bar or remove them altogether to wash the shower. And then make sure you also rinse your shower walls by using a bucket with water and a sponge. Use the sponge to wipe the dirt off the walls. Once you’re done scrubbing the walls, dry them. You’ll need a microfiber cloth or any old rag to dry them down. If your glass shower doors are heavily stained, you can use vinegar to help you wash away all the dirt.

Now that you have a clean shower, all you need to do is maintain the standard. And the key to preventing washing the shower on a regular basis is to always make sure that once you are done showering each day, wipe the glass doors, floors and walls with a dry cloth. This will only take a few seconds. Also make sure you get some air in by opening the windows so everything can dry.


Nobody enjoys cleaning the toilet and it’s probably the most dreaded chore. Cleaning this germ-filled zone is no easy task, but someone has to do it. Squirt toilet cleaner in the bowl of the toilet, making sure you get it all the way under and around the rim.

Clean your floors

Your bathroom is the one room which has people walking in and out the whole day. And your floors take the strain. Start by sweeping the floors to remove all dirt particles and dust. Then use soapy water to mop the floors. If there are any stains that are hard to clean, you’ll have to take a brush and scrub them away. Make sure the brushes aren’t abrasive enough to damage your floors. After you have finished cleaning, dry them so that people walking in won’t leave footprints and you won’t have to start the process all over again. Use a rag or dry mop.  

Make it smell good

After cleaning your bathroom it probably looks brand spanking new. But now the next step is to have it smelling good and fresh to make it a more pleasant space. Open the windows to let the fresh air in or leave the bathroom fan running for a few minutes. And then fill your bathroom with a sweet smelling scent by using the fragrant spray of your choice.
If you neglect to maintain your bathroom sets, you just make the task of cleaning them more difficult. The thought of getting down on your knees and scrubbing all that grime and dirt is enough to put anyone off. But if you regularly look after your bathroom, then you won’t be left with a huge task.

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