How to create a sleep friendly room

June 30, 2017


How to create a sleep-friendly bedroom

They say that if you really love someone let them sleep. And this is because sleep is crucial. Getting enough sleep helps you be more productive , helps you burn calories, allows you to switch off from the world and puts you in a better mood once you wake up. This is why you must turn your room into a sleep-friendly zone which will help you get enough rest.

Here are a few ways to transform your room.


If you find yourself shifting positions in the middle of the night you may need to invest in a new mattress.Your bed could be saggy and old or it might not be the right fit for your body. In you want a restful night you need to invest in a quality mattress which offers the right support for your body. If the store allows, you could lie on top the bed in order to feel if it provides comfort, before you purchase it.You need to test out a bed for approximately ten minutes before you’ll know whether it suits your comfort needs or not. The mattress you pick should have adequate coils to give your back structural support. You should also rotate your mattress around every season. This will help prevent bed wallows, which occur when your body leaves an imprint on the bed from you sleeping on the same spot every night.

Clean your room

Make sure you remove all clutter and you neaten up your room. If you have shoes sprawled all over the floor or books and notes all over your desk it could mess with your sleeping pattern. You should also make sure you make your bed every morning because the appearance of your room will affect your mood.


Find the right pillow which will help support your neck and head. If you’re not getting the right form of comfort each night you could end up tossing and turning in your bed. There are different types of pillows available. They’re made from different materials with such as latex,  memory foam pillows and down pillows. Each of them offers a unique type of support. So shop around to find your ideal pillow which will give you the best sleep at night. You should also ensure you wash your pillow twice a year, pillows can retain bacteria and mould throughout the year.

Close your curtains

You need to close your drapes each night because any light could disrupt your sleep. Most people need to sleep in total darkness in order to get the right amount and quality of sleep. Piercing lights from outside could jolt you awake at night. When you’re exposed to light your production of melatonin (the hormone your body creates to assist you in sleeping) is suppressed. If you share a room with someone and they have to study or they read through most nights, you should buy a sleep mask to drown out the light.  

Bedding sets

Invest in a high-quality bedding set. Different fabrics provide certain benefits. For example, silk is ideal for warm summer nights and winter. It provides warmth in cold weather and cools you down when temperatures soar in summer. Silk is also hypoallergenic and is best suited to those who suffer allergies. You should make sure you wash your silk sheets on a regular basis because when we sleep we perspire and our bodies shed dead skin cells,

Air conditioner

Having a fan in your room kills two birds with one stone. The whirring noise from the air conditioner or fan provides the perfect white noise to lull you to sleep. What’s more, the air con will also cool down your room. The cooler the room the better sleep you’ll get each night. A cool room invokes deep sleep rather than a warm room and it should be 18 degrees celsius.

Ban electronic devices

Many people love to scroll through their phones reading the latest news or they spend time on their tablet watching their favourite series. But you should switch off all your electronics because they contain a blue light which suppresses the production of melatonin. Technology keeps your brain from winding down.

Noise levels   

If you have a noisy roommate or sleep next to a neighbour who has loud barking dogs you might need to invest in earplugs or install a white noise app. White noise provides the perfect soothing sounds to help you drift off to sleep and drown out any background noise preventing you from getting enough rest.


Your room should be your sanctuary and escape, a place where you can relax and get enough rest. If you follow these tips you should get quality sleep which will leave you feeling rested and like you can take over the world the next day.



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