How to decorate a rental like it’s your own

February 22, 2018

Moving into a rented home or apartment is an exciting time for anyone. However, decorating a rented space is often restrictive and sometimes you are unable to decorate at all. Below are some simple tips and tricks to decorate a rental like it’s your own.

Go portable

Renting an apartment or house means that you do not own the property, which makes buying furniture and appliances difficult. Look at pieces that are portable, such as portable Defy aircon products for surviving the South African weather, a foldable side table or even a coffee table with wheels.

Having portable furniture allows you to change the look and feel of the room by simply rearranging the pieces, without having to worry about leaving scratches on the floor beneath. Portability is also great for when you decide to move, as often these pieces are a lot less heavier than static furniture.

Hang curtains

One way to make a space feel more private and more like your own is to hang curtains in the rooms that need them. Some rental options do not have the most visually appealing curtains, which is why you should invest in a set of your own before moving in.

This will allow you to take down the unattractive curtains and hang your own, with permission from your landlord of course. The right curtains can transform a room from drab and dreary to cosy and comfortable. Look for bright colours if your living room has plain white walls or pastel tones if the walls are cream or off-white. This will create more space if the room is smaller.

Forget the flooring

Because you are renting, you are unlikely to be able to change the flooring at all. If you are stuck with an unsightly carpet or stained wooden floors, you can draw attention away from this by placing interesting art on the walls or including unique furniture in the room.

Avoid adding a rug to unattractive floors, as this will draw the eye downward and can accentuate the issue. Ask your landlord if you are allowed  to hang wall art in some of the rooms, and look for unique pieces that draw the eye upwards. You could also add a quirky coffee table or ottoman to a room to create visual interest.

Use storage creatively

You may find that your new apartment or home does not have enough storage for everything you have accumulated over the years. You can use existing storage units to store different items, such as using a guest bedroom cupboard for arts and craft supplies or space under the stairs for coats and wet weather footwear.

Look for easy-to-assemble options from furniture stores or go second-hand and spruce the pieces up with some varnish and paint. If your kitchen is lacking space, you can look for wall-hanging spice holders to free up counter space. Vertical storage space is perfect for smaller rental units as it does not take up much-needed floor space. Choose ottomans which can double as blanket or game board storage for a cramped living room.

Light it up

Some rental apartments are notoriously lacking in light, so it is important to invest in proper lighting. You should try to include lights that offer you a variety of brightness levels, including ambient, task and accent lighting.

Ambient lighting is the general level of brightness used on a daily basis, usually acquired from overhead lights. Task lighting is used for specific areas such as computer desks or reading chairs and accent lighting is used to highlight areas of a room, such as wall hanging art work. Each element should be included in your home in order to make it feel not only functional but welcoming and comfortable.

Use removable wall decals

There is nothing worse than having to live with blank, undecorated walls. One way to make yourself feel more at ease in a rental unit is to put up some removable wall decals. You could look for designs such as simple geometric patterns that complement your colour scheme or inspirational wording.

It is better to use removable wall art while renting because the rresponsibility ison you as the renter to remove wallpaper or repaint over painted walls. Your landlord may not appreciate such drastic changes either, making removable artwork the ideal solution. Wall decals come in a huge variety of designs, so you can decorate almost every room of your apartment or house and make it truly your own, without causing permanent damage.

Remember the little things

Aside from being creative with storage and installing the right lighting, one of the best ways to decorate a rental like it’s your own is to include sentimental pieces in your decor. Hang family photographs in the living room and display souvenirs in your study. Including items that make you feel comfortable and happy will soon transform a rental house or apartment into a place you can call home.

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