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How to dress for any occasion

August 18, 2016

Not all outfits are perfect for just any occasion. With the wide selection of different styles and brands, you may not exactly be sure which is the most appropriate to wear to an event. First impressions can make a lasting impact. What you wear will showcase your character, which is why you need make a good impact with your choice of attire. No matter what the occasion is, you need to bear the following in mind.


Place of religious worship


This is the one place where your attire should be worn in a respectable fashion. When going to a place of worship for a celebration such as a baptism or bat mitzvah, the dress code isn’t necessarily fancy, instead the focus is on dressing modestly. As a sign of respect, women should wear a skirt which is below the knee with a cardigan to cover the shoulders and back. Be sure to cover up any visible cleavage. Men usually dress in a semi formal manner in a stylish suit and pair of men’s shoes.




When going to a wedding, whether at a place of worship or at the reception, it’s important that you find out the dress code of the wedding. Usually it’s a formal to semi-formal affair, but ask to be on the safe side. Black or navy colour for a nighttime wedding is appropriate, but if the wedding occurs during the day, go for a lighter, breezy colour. You should not wear white on the day of the wedding. It’s an unwritten rule that only the bride wears white on her special day.


A night out on the town


A night of fun with friends doesn’t require much dressing up, however, if you want to feel your best you need to look your best. To feel the way you look, you need to choose one body part you want to accentuate. If you choose to show off your back, wear a longer skirt such as a pencil or A-line skirt. You may also opt for a pair of dark skinny jeans and some heels to accentuate your legs.


Job interview


To make the best first impression in an interview, your attire will speak volumes on this day. In most corporate companies, a suit is the standard attire for an interview. When going for an interview a man can never go wrong with a suit. However, as times have changed a suit is no longer a standard requirement. Semi-formal attire has made its way into the corporate world. Men are now wearing smart blazers with a well-fitted pair of jeans and formal shoes. If suits are common to wear in your industry, then don’t wear semi-formal attire. Instead, dress the way the masses do.


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