How to keep aglow in winter

April 26, 2017

Winter time brings with it a new rhythm and routine. Gone are the days of lying in the hot summer sun in a bikini while enjoying cocktails. Now it’s time for curling up in front of the fire place in a thick knit cardigan, sipping on smooth pinotage. But that’s not all that changes.

Winter can make you feel dull, pale and less than the tanned, glamorous goddess you were throughout summer. But there are ways to make winter work for you. The colder months require you to wear more layered clothing and enjoy heavier materials, like leather and suede. You can break out your beautiful gloves, scarves and hats and, of course, your collection of boots. You can even change how you do your makeup as dark red, navy or cool grey nails will look sophisticated, especially if matched with dramatic eyes or a rich red wine pout.

When the weather changes, it’s your skin that can really take a beating. We are all well educated in how to care for our skin in the heat of summer, but it’s important to make significant changes to our skincare routine in winter too. If you embrace a robust skincare routine, the cold weather won’t dim your sparkle.

Here’s what you need to do to protect your skin when the cold weather hits.

Don’t go too hot

A steaming hot shower or bubble bath sounds heavenly when it’s freezing outside. There’s nothing more comforting than hot water and a steamy bathroom when the rain is pelting down. But the hotter the water, the more your skin will dry out. The hot water will strip your skin of its natural and much-needed oils. Try to spend most of your shower or bath time in warm water that isn’t borderline scolding hot. Specifically when you’re washing your face, make sure you use tepid water as the skin on your face isn’t as hardy as on your limbs.

Moisturise quickly

It’s no secret that you need to moisturise, but in winter time you want to seal in moisture. The only way to do that is to moisturise as soon as you step out of the shower. This way you lock in your natural moisture by using your moisturising cream as a seal. Pat your skin dry as opposed to harshly rubbing the towel all over. Alternatively, choose an in-shower moisturising dry skin treatment. But, of course, these can’t replace a good thick cream moisturiser used nightly.

Choose thicker creams

In winter, your skin needs a thicker cream as a sealant and a nourishing treatment. In the warmer months, both your body and your face will feel fresher with a light moisturiser that’s more of a lightweight lotion than a thick cream. But in winter, you are trying to beat the cold air and the elements. Both of which can be very harsh on your exposed skin.

Cover up

Your hands, face and even your ears can suffer from the cold weather. Keep as much covered as possible when you’re outside. Be particularly aware of your nose and lips as they can easily become red and dried out throughout the day. Your hands will suffer too, especially your nails and cuticles, so keep on moisturising them and then put your gloves on. Do this in the evening too. Once you’ve moisturised your hands and feet at bedtime, cover them with gloves and socks to optimise the moisturising qualities of the skin treatment you’ve used. Dry hands, feet, lips and nose can crack and even bleed, which is painful and unsightly.

Keep drinking water

It’s important to keep drinking eight glasses of water a day, even if it’s cold out. The cloudy, rainy weather makes most of us reach for coffees, teas and hot chocolate. But in between these warm drinks, continue to consume plain water throughout your day. This way you’ll keep your skin moisturised and glowing from the inside out. To make it easier, consider infusing some warm water with lemon and honey or even raw ginger.


Because the cold weather can dry out your skin terribly, it’s important to keep up with regular exfoliating. This practise will lift the dead skin cells and keep you looking fresh. Also, skin that has been exfoliated will absorb moisture far better, which is what your skin needs in winter time.

The most important rule to skincare in the colder months is to moisturise. And by adhering to the tips above, you’ll remain healthy looking and keep that beautiful glow you managed in summer.

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