How to live with a best friend

October 31, 2016

Moving out? Who do you move in with? Well, living with a best friend can be an option. Not only can you share out the rent payments between you, but you can also enjoy their company 24/7. However it’s not always as easy as it seems, living with your best friend can do more harm than good because it puts your friendship to the test and you might start to see sides of them that you never thought existed. First be the friend you want your friend to be. Here are a few tips on what to do when moving in with a best friend.

Discuss moving in together

Don’t just bring it up once, make sure that you thoroughly discuss your opinions with each other. Take the time to sit down and see whether or not you can eventually come to an agreement on whether you two can and should live together or not. You’ll need to consider things such as rent payments, house rules and purchases that will benefit the well-being of the household as well as the house itself. Helpful things to discuss would be, for example, assignment of rooms, the purchase of kitchen appliances and lounge suites, when you can and cannot have guests around, and the list goes on.

Start planning

Once you’re both sure that you want to move in with each other, start planning when you’ll actually move in with each other. Also other things such as furniture arrangements and decorations. You might want to have a guest room for friends to stay but your best friend might want to make that room into a study, so make sure that you come to agreements on the planning too. If you aren’t moving in your best friend’s place or vice versa, then you may want to start looking for potential properties.

Have some respect

There comes a lot of things that you’ll need to consider when you’re living with your best friend and one of them is that you need to show respect. Not only respect them, but their personal belongings and personal space too. Don’t go through their stuff without asking them first – even if they gave you permission before. It’s ideal to hang out with each other but when your best friend is busy with something and doesn’t want to be disturbed, respect that and leave them alone until they’re free.

Stay clean

Practicing good hygiene isn’t always something that crosses someone’s mind as a potential problem when they with their friend. Leaving dirty dishes, dirty underwear, and juice cartons lying around will give you some unwanted guests and they can potentially even do some harm to the both of you. Be considerate and think twice about putting dirty cutlery back in the drawer or not washing the bathtub after you use it.

Consideration and tolerance

There needs to be a good balance between being considerate and being tolerant if you still want to keep your best friend during this. You may decide to tolerate your friend’s late night drumming sessions but they also need to be aware that they should be considerate. If there’s anything that bothers you and that you feel is out of line, talk to your friend appropriately. If they don’t seem to agree, you may want to tolerate the smaller things but even reconsider living together if you find yourself tolerating almost everything.

Always remember the love for each other. Living with your best friend will give you unforgettable memories. If you can make it work, it’s really magical. So in the midst of your angriest bill-sorting, shoe-organising, toilet-paper-buying fits, remember that this is your best friend and at one point they was great enough to earn that title.

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