How to lower the cost of your new, pre-owned car

March 27, 2018

Buying a car is a necessary process at a generally unnecessary cost. But there are decisions you can make that will lower the cost of your new car. Like buying pre-owned, for example. At the end of the day, you need a car that’s going to get you from point A to point B without breaking down or giving you expensive problems. Preferably something that’s going to last and be good to you.

Benefits of browsing and buying pre-owned

First, we’ll look at the benefits of browsing and buying pre-owned. Well, it’s pretty simple. Pre-owned cars offer you a variety of makes, models, colours, accessories and everything else that concerns a vehicle. Because they are pre-owned, they will already be more affordable than if you were to buy brand new.

And if you shop at the right pre-owned cars dealerships, all the cars are already certified and inspected meaning they are in their best shape and just waiting for you to take them home. Now, how else can you end up spending less money on your vehicle purchase?

Try a different model

As you are at a pre-owned car dealership, there are a variety of models for you to browse and look at. Most people like to look at the two to three-year-old cars, but those can still be relatively expensive. If you don’t mind having an older model, then rather opt for the four to five-year-old cars. If they’re there it means they’re still in perfect operating condition and are safe to drive.

The chances are that the different models don’t even look that noticeably different from the latest model, it may just be missing a few of the newest gadgets, but that’s also a cost-shaving element to consider. You can still end up with a car that has electric windows, power steering,  air conditioning, Bluetooth and an auxiliary port. What more do you really need?

Think about the transmission

It’s no surprise that automatic transmission vehicles are more expensive than manual transmission on every auto-market, new or used. Don’t be a lazy driver, keep the control of the pedals under both of your feet. It won’t take long for you to get used to changing gears and if you are able, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t drive a manual vehicle.

Look for a higher mileage

If your heart really is set on a new model and your bank account is set on a certain budget, what you can do is just look for a vehicle of that model that has a higher mileage. It’s not really what you want to be doing because vehicles tend to come with more issues as their mileage matures, but it’s one way to lower the cost.

Get rid of the gadgets

We mentioned already that latest models come with the latest gadgets and that contributes to its overall costs. But there are identical models with different gadgets and accessories that are offered. If you find a model you’re happy with but need the price to come down a bit, then try to find one that maybe only has electric windows in the front and no Bluetooth, for example.

The fewer gadgets, the lower the cost. And if there’s something missing that you feel you really need, you could always get a quote to have it installed after you buy the car. You’ll find that it could work out cheaper that way anyway.

Do you really need that much power?

Another thing for you to reconsider is the amount of power you need from your car. For this, you will need to assess your driving habits and daily driving routines. If you’re looking at a 1.6L engine, you’re asking for a high-priced quote. And if you’re only using your car to get to work, run lift-clubs and occasionally do some long-distance driving, you really don’t need 1.6L of power to drive you through urban streets.

If you’re a driver with a bit of road rage and like to overtake on the highways, then it would be recommended that you look for a 1.4L engine vehicle (it’s more power than you think). And if you’re a decent driver with an average speed of 50 to 60km/h, then you only really need a 1.2L engine in your car.

With regards to engine power, you’re also setting a pace for your monthly fuel costs. The more power your car has, the more petrol it will use and the more you’ll end up paying every month to get from A to B. Engine power is the gift that keeps on giving, so really think about what you need to get through your average day before you buy.

So, when it comes to shopping for a new pre-owned car, keep these things in mind and it will be a lot easier to stay within your budget and get a car that you’ll love.

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