How to make a studio apartment cosy

August 29, 2018

Living in a studio apartment usually means that you have a small space to work with when it comes to decorating. Too much stuff, and it can appear cluttered. Too little, and it can look bare and barren. In colder months, you will also want your apartment to be warm and inviting.

If you have children, some cosy kids comforter sets in the right places can help to add an element of warmth. You can also invest in some autumnal-toned cushions and throws. Below are just some of the methods you can use to make a studio apartment cosy and welcoming.

Choose comfortable furniture

One of the most important aspects of a “cosy” or “comfortable” home is the ability to curl up in the furniture, wrapped in a warm blanket. This means that it is not only lovely to look at, but also lovely to sit in.

The ability to “curl up” is a feature that many modern couches do not take into account, but you will be able to find a comfortable one if you keep looking. Always be sure to sit on the couch that catches your eye in the store, and ask yourself if you can see yourself curled up on it on a lazy Sunday. If not, keep looking until you find one that fits the bill.

Use warm colours

The art to decorating a studio apartment lies in sticking to a single flowing theme. This ties in well with making a “cosy” atmosphere, as the entire area will feel warm and welcoming. If your children will be using an area of your apartment, try to tie this into your overall theme by buying matching kids comforter sets that they can curl up in on cold days.

To create a truly welcoming feeling in a small space, avoid using cool colours, such as blue and green, and opt for a warm palette. If you cannot paint your walls or make any permanent physical changes, look for soft furnishings in warm colours to dot around your space. A maroon scatter cushion paired with a burnt orange throw can instantly raise the temperature of a lounge or bedroom.

Don’t forget about texture

A sure-fire way to amp up the “cosy factor” of a room is to bring in objects that you enjoy touching. This could be a velvet upholstered chair to sit in on cold days, a fluffy throw to cover yourself with when watching your favourite series or even a softly textured rug to sink your feet into after a warm bath.

These textures help to add warmth to a room, making it feel cosy and comforting. If you do not enjoy too many textural furnishings, opt for wall art that has these elements too. Cosiness is also visual, which means that having decor that looks as though you could sink into it can help with this. Choose warm colours and soft textures to enhance the inviting aesthetic you want in your home.

Pay attention to lighting

Creating a cosy space is more than just choosing warm colours and textures, it also means that you need to have the right lighting. You should opt to use wall or desk lamps, rather than harsh ceiling lamps, and be sure that you choose warm white bulbs over daylight.

Warm white bulbs, or bulbs with a more yellow or orange colour, will make the space feel inviting. Daylight bulbs are better used for office spaces, where you need to see what you are doing clearly. A lower, warmer light will help to make the room feel cosier, especially on those cold winter evenings. You can also place candles around the space to enhance the feeling of warmth and welcoming

Make use of room dividers

A studio apartment usually consists of one large (or small) open space, with a concealed bathroom. This open space is not usually conducive to feeling “warm and cosy”, which is where room dividers come in.

Dividing your apartment into separate spaces allows you to create a comforting, warm and inviting apartment. You can create a bedroom by hanging curtains or by looking for a screen to put up, and you can divide up the rest of the space into a living room and dining area. Having these separate spaces will also make the place feel more “homey”.

Curl up and keep warm

A cosy house is one where you feel warm and welcome, which can be difficult to achieve in a studio apartment. You should choose comfortable furniture that entices you to curl up in it and textural elements that make the room feel warm and luxurious. Choose warm colours and be sure that your lighting is warm rather than daylight bright. Soon you will feel right at home and snug in your cosy studio apartment.

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