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How to make furniture for the future

June 24, 2015

Who could’ve predicted a decade ago that having instant access to libraries of information at the press of a button would be standard? Who could’ve thought that wide televisions, displaying picture perfect clarity would be quite standard in homes, too? Yet, here we are today: More than half of American homes have such powerful technology. The question we should then be wondering is what will happen in the future.

One of the most exciting aspects is perhaps virtual reality (VR). At the biggest gaming event in the world, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), virtual reality headsets were all the rage. With major companies such as Sony and Microsoft creating, marketing and supporting consumer-friendly headsets that anyone could use, comfortably in their homes, it seems now is the time for VR to take off.

CBC news writes:

“This year’s big trend: virtual reality. VR has failed in the past, says Greg Miller of who hosts a video game podcast and YouTube channel. But better technology, he adds, means it’s here to stay.” Quoting Miller:

“If it was just Sony, if it was just Microsoft, if it was just Oculus, you could push it off as a passing fad… But the fact that everyone here has a headset, everyone here has a game they want to show you, this has legs. And this is only version one. Where it’s going to be in two years, three years, four years, a decade? That’s what’s really exciting.”

Technology is all about progress: efficiency is about doing the same or more, with little or less. This same applies to things even as seemingly overlooked as bedroom appliances or homeware. Whether it’s beds designed like cocoons, furniture that seems like it belongs in a spaceship, talented people are creating all sorts of amazing designs – that not only look incredible, but offer a wide variety of functions for the everyday homeowner.

We should look forward to such innovation as we will always be the ones who benefit: healthy competition also means we get lower prices and better value for our money. Thus we shouldn’t be trying to find just one source for our future technology, but support multiple. If one manufacturer has a monopoly on a particular aspect of the market, they have no reason to be more efficient or go cheaper.

All of this shows the importance of progress in tech and appliances, and how we, as consumers, benefit.

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