How to make holiday packing a breeze

November 18, 2016

The holidays are around the corner and the countdown to when you can start packing has begun. Whether you are  exploring your own country or jet setting overseas, packing can be stressful. And your destination is bound to determine what you pack. Things to consider include: what to pack, how to pack it, where to start with packing, and what are you going to pack it all in.

Packing your suitcase

The key to packing like a pro is planning. Last minute packing often leads to essential items being left behind. Are you packing for a short trip with friends up country or an overseas trip with the family? This makes a difference to whether you decide on using a fancy hard-body wheelie suitcase or a softer type rucksack. It will also determine whether your bag will be full of beach wear and towels or coats and gumboots. Plan ahead and compartmentalise your suitcase so that you can work out outfit options for your trip. Don’t scrunch things up and stuff them into small spaces. Rather, lay your shoes down first, place rolled up belts and jewellry containers in the open spaces and then begin laying your clothes flat. This will ensure that you don’t overpack and that you remember where things are in case you have to look for something before you leave.

Packing your hand luggage

You are going to want to pack your hand luggage just before you depart. If you are going somewhere local, and a flight’s not necessary, then your hand luggage should include things like road trip snacks, a phone charger for your car, sunglasses, your driver’s license and water. If you are needing to catch a local or international flight, it is important that you research what your hand luggage size limit is. Each airline differs so read up online to find out what your baggage weight limit is and what items are prohibited. Pack accordingly. Having heavy hand luggage at airport stopovers is never comfortable as stopovers often consist of running between terminals. Try and only pack the essentials in your  hand luggage and use a bag that is comfortable to carry .

Unpacking at your destination

You have arrived at your destination and already uploaded your first Instagram worthy “living the life” photo. Before you head to the beach bar unpack your bags and lock your passport and other important items in a safe. The last thing you want to happen is for you to forget where you put your return information or those island hopping tickets. If your hotel has hangers,hang up your clothing as this will prevent them from being creased. Ironing on your holiday is never any fun. Most guest houses and B&Bs  have laundry facilities , so make sure to enquire about these and make use of the services available.

Buying items along the way

Buying holiday memorabilia  is an important part of being away. Write down the names of who you need to buy gifts for as well as a basic idea of how much you have budgeted for each person. It is important to consider your luggage space and weight available when buying gifts as this will then determine how big the presents can be. Try and buy things that will not break in your bag on the way home. Before returning home, make sure that none of the gifts are prohibited in the country you are returning to.

Packing to return home

Your camera is filled with amazing photos, your skin is sun kissed and you are feeling well rested. Sadly though it is time to return home and back to reality. The first thing to do when packing to return home is to lay everything out on the bed. Try and separate your clean and dirty clothing. . This will make it easier for you to sort out once  home. Now  fill the extra spaces with shoes, towels, gifts and other odds and ends. It is a good idea to pack anything that might crack or leak between layers of clothing so that it is protected. Keep your important documents close by so that you can add these to your hand luggage. Plan to have your bags weighed before you leave the hotel to make sure you are within the weight allowance. Packing might not be the most fun, but if done correctly it can be a quick and effortless process.

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