How to prepare for a massive clearance sale

September 18, 2015

On the day of a massive sale you can be sure that there will be pulling, shoving and a bit of stepping on toes. But once you have your sight set on a bargain deal, there is no backing down. Massive clearance sales means that people play dirty for the items on sale, after all it doesn’t come around every month. That’s why you need to be prepared.

Ready… Set… GO!

Get your gear in order

It will be extremely hot inside the store, so don’t bother with a jacket. Make sure you have your water bottle with you and extra hand wipes, you never know when these may come in handy. Don’t even bother going with pumps or slip-ons, what you need are your running shoes. The lines will be long so be sure to wear some comfy ladies shoes. And forget about brining baby along, they will only get in the way, as well as having a large bag, that might slip off your shoulder.

Do your research

Just because the item is cheap, that doesn’t mean that it’s a good deal. Take the time to make sure it’s a quality product and worth getting up early or staying up late for the price cut. You will be wasting money on something you don’t really need, and that’s a bad idea. Your budget will thank you for just moving away.

Bring the Ads with you

Just in case you may need to prove a valid price check, you will have your ad with you. Some stores may not accept printed ads form the internet, but you can always print the web page where you saw the deal with the advertised prices of best store deals and give it a go.

Get to know the store policy

As stores are getting stricter on return and exchange policies, knowing the store policies before you go can help you decide where to shop and what places to avoid buying. You may find that the fine print reads no exchange then it’s too late to return the item. Keep your receipt and look at the fine print since you’re buying it a month in advance, so there will be a certain time that you can return it. Having a receipt is also very important, because no receipt often means no return.

Know the worth of your plan

Is your time and effort worth going for that one item? Think of what you’re committing to. Being five minutes late is unacceptable; know what time you need to leave, and how early you need to be there. Know what you’re shopping for and stick to it, browsing around and trying to make up your mind to buy or not only makes the queue longer for you to wait in. Happy shopping and don’t back down!


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