How to prepare for overnight guests

June 1, 2017


If you have guests staying over at your house for a few days, you should pull out all the stops to make their stay as enjoyable as possible. Your guest’s room may not resemble a hotel room but you can change it to look and feel like a 5-star retreat by just adding a few essentials.

The basics

Add a few items which might benefit your guests and make their stay comfortable. Pile a few magazines or books on the bedside table and a wifi password card. You could also add snacks and a few water bottles so when they wake up in the middle of the night they don’t have to go to the kitchen.


Make sure the room is squeaky clean. Wipe away any dust lurking on window sills and furniture, vacuum your floors and pack items in your cupboards neatly. You should also ensure there are no shoes, toys or clothes lying around the bed.  

Bedding sets

Wash your bedding set even if no one has slept on the bed as dust mites are often found in mattresses, duvet covers and sheets. Avoid washing your bedding sets with harsh detergents which will weaken the fibre.

Freshly washed sheets will give them a crisp feel and feel great for your guests.

Trash bin

Add a trash can so your visitors will be able to throw out any garbage they could have. It might not be convenient for them to move around your house in the middle of the night to go find the bin in the kitchen.


If your guests are sleeping over because they have a business meeting, interview or function to attend the next day, then you should provide a steaming iron for them so they can have wrinkle-free clothes.

Phone charger

Our phones are everything – we send messages, discover the latest news around the world and occasionally make calls. So the horror of leaving a charger at home can bring anyone to shock, which is why you should provide a universal charger for them. A universal charger is perfect because anyone can charge their phones, no matter what their phone models are.


In the bathroom, make sure there’s toilet paper, guest towels, shampoos, lotions and toothpaste. Most guests will usually bring their own, but if a person forgets to pack one of these items they could come in handy. You should also make sure your bathroom has been thoroughly cleaned. Ensure the bath has been scrubbed, the sink is clean and the floors are mopped.


A beautiful bouquet can brighten up a room and it’s a great way to welcome guests. If you don’t have vases lying around your house, you can use spare mugs or upcycle mayonnaise jars and use them as containers to hold the flowers. Sunflowers, roses or other plants bring life into a room.


Chattering your teeth because you’re freezing in the bed is enough to interrupt anyone’s sleep. That’s why you should provide your guests with an extra blanket or electric blanket because you don’t know what temperature the night will reach.


Make sure your guest are well fed. You could either dine out at a restaurant or save on costs and cook supper. Enquire about their diets and allergies first to make sure you meet their preferences; you don’t want to make a meaty meal only to find out they’re vegetarian.

Talk to your kids

Make sure your kids know there are guests around the house and they shouldn’t disturb them by running around and making noise in the corridor, or by using the guest room as their play area.

Make room

Your guests might be inconvenienced by dragging out their suitcase every time they need a change of clothes. You should clear out some drawers for your guests to pack their clothes into.


Provide enough entertainment for your guests so when they’re bored they’ll have something to do. If you have a TV in your room, provide a few DVDs you might have lying around for them to watch.


You should give your guests an extra set of keys, so you both won’t be inconvenienced. You both could have different schedules for the day and you don’t want to find your guests sitting outside your house waiting for you because they couldn’t get in the house.

A hotel is convenient because everything is accessible and within reach and you should try to provide this for your guests. Make your guests’ stay as comfortable as possible so they feel like they’re at home.





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