How to take the perfect selfie

Taking the perfect selfie might seem impossible. There are so many things to consider. Are you using the right filter? Is your skin looking flawless? Taking self-portraits with your mobile has become a popular activity that most of us can admit that we do far too often. Here are some tips, tricks and tools to help you create your best selfie yet.


Background is important

There’s nothing worse than snapping a selfie and realising afterwards that you can see your dirty laundry or unmade bed in the background. Look for a simple yet beautiful background that won’t distract from you being the focus of the image. Pick a white wall as a backdrop or somewhere in nature.

Pick a natural filter

Unless you are proudly using the #nofilter hashtag, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use a filter on your photos. Good smartphones and Instagram offer a wide range of filters. However, it’s recommended that you play around with other editing apps and find the style of editing that you like. Once you have found a certain style, keep this style going in all your visuals so that you have a consistent theme running. VSCO is a great app to add filters to your images, change the lighting, structure and cropping.

Lighting is key

Want to take a seriously good selfie? Step into good lighting. Either step outside into natural lighting or near a light source. Be careful of shooting too close to a light bulb as the light can make your skin tone look rather yellowish and could bring more attention to wrinkles. You want to find a light above your head, tilt the camera up and take a picture so that the light above your head is softly glowing across your cheekbones, this will give you the perfect lighting conditions.

Be confident

Own it! You’re taking a selfie and you look good! Don’t be nervous or worry about who is watching you. Do as the models do and hold your phone high above your head and away from you at a 45° angle so that you look slim and trim in your selfie.  Most selfies are taken from an angle and not straight on. Turn your head slightly to one side and your face will immediately appear slimmer and you’ll hide any sign of a double chin. Experiment in front of a mirror and find your best angle and play with the height of the phone versus your face. You don’t want to take it too high so that your hand is present in the shot.

Natural makeup

The trick with a good selfie is to look as natural as possible. It’s perfectly acceptable to wear makeup but you don’t want it to be plastered on. If your skin is in good condition and is clear then a small amount of base and mascara will do the trick. Keep your skin on top form throughout the year by finding a face cream that suits your skin. Whether you’re looking for  face cream for dark skin or oily skin, find a cream that’s scientifically created for your skin type. A good selfie trick is to play around with contouring. Contouring is giving shape to an area of the face and enhancing the facial structure through makeup. Add bronzer to your cheekbones as this will create the appearance of higher cheekbones and draw attention towards the jawline that’s been created with a few simple makeup tricks.

Slow and steady

Don’t rush it! Taking the perfect selfie can’t be rushed. If you do, you’ll end up with a blurred photo. Go slow and concentrate on positioning. Pushing the capture button non-stop will only result in blurry photos and can cause you to accidentally autofocus on something in the background.  Focus on taking the photo slowly and make sure autofocus in on your face and not the hill in the background.

Avoid duckface

Posting selfies has become the ultimate act of self-expression on social media. If you want to show off your lips, resist the urge to pout. Instead, pick a bright lipstick colour and add a lip liner that’ll make your lips pop naturally. Avoid looking completely silly and rather smile naturally. Smile! Frown. Or make a silly face, but no, not the duck face!

By now you know how to take a great selfie! Start shooting, remember practice makes perfect, so don’t be shy!