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How you can spend your petrol money savings

September 2, 2015

South Africans across the country are feeling a slight bit of relief this week as they sit at the petrol pump. The
price of fuel has decreased significantly in the past two months making petrol R1.20 per litre cheaper than it was in July. That may not sound like a lot. But every cent makes a difference to your wallet in these tough economic times.

If your petrol tank holds 50 litres, these two decreased mean a saving of R60 every time you fill up your tank. So how could this R60 make a difference to you? We’ve come up with a list of the fun ways you could treat yourself with the few extra notes in your pocket.


Treat yo’self

For R60 you can take an evening to give in to your biggest vices. You can easily afford a box of smokes and a decent bottle of wine. If you don’t smoke, you can buy two decent bottles of wine or one good bottle of wine. Now, that sounds far more fun than a tank of petrol.


Out to eat

Like most of us battling petrol and electricity price increases, you likely haven’t gone out to dinner in months. Definitely not the type of dinner with tables and napkins. Take this opportunity to have a date night with your spouse. You’ll probably have to share a box of fish and chips, but any meal can be romantic when you light enough candles and turn off the television.


Something shiny

There’s nothing like something new and shiny to perk a woman up. R60 is enough to give you plenty of choice in the costume jewellery section of every shop.


Watch a movie

You may need to use some of your rewards and membership cards to afford two tickets for R60, but it can be done. You won’t have much left over after that but sneaking in your own snacks and drinks is all part of the fun. Besides, what else are you going to talk about at the water cooler if you aren’t watching the latest movies?


Trade up

If the price of petrol is a major cause of stress for you, it may be time to find a car which is more fuel efficient. There are plenty of affordable used cars available which likely use less fuel than your current gas guzzler. Pre owned BMWs are known to be particularly fuel efficient.
With a little imagination, those extra bills in your pocket can make a big difference to your month. Get out there and have a little bit of fun.

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