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Interior design for newbies

September 1, 2015

Do you get flustered when you glance over your personal space, only to think; is this a reflection of me? Getting bored with the look of your home, is an indication of self-growth, change and wanting to feel better about where you live. Change is not good if it means going to the beach to collect shells, and then only to put it on your windowsill. That’s not the kind of change that should come to mind, a good change is when you go to the beach, come back home and decide that you’re going to change your living room to an island style theme. It’s the kind of change we all need – The kind that shoots you from your comfort zone to total bliss.

Minimal changes that have major impact

So, maybe you have a small space and there’s not much that you can do, not even an entire make over because your budget might just stroke. Significant change comes when you move lounge suites to different positions, change the colour of drapes and scatter cushions or paint the ceiling and walls two different, yet complementary colours.

Forget about placing flowers, portraits or lampshades in the lonely corner. They won’t be noticed anyway, so it’s rather pointless. Instead, put a big leafy plant in that deserted corner of the room, it will instantly liven up the place and bring in a fresh touch of nature. To make the plant stand out even more you can put up lights behind it.

Clear clutter

The wall-unit stacked with books ornaments and framed photos is so 80’s. Cluttered spaces make your room appear smaller in size. Go to the container store, purchase draw dividers and start organising your clutter or spread them out evenly. As for your wall-unit, you can keep it, by only placing minimal selected items on it. You will feel relieved once you see what a bit of cleared up space can do for your psyche.

An inspired kitchen

Your kitchen should be an inspiration and always give you the motivation to try something unique.  Even if you don’t spend hours in your kitchen, it doesn’t have to appear that way to your guests. There is no need to remodel your entire kitchen, you can simply switch the knobs and pulls of draws and cupboards. Give your kitchen a dash of colour by hanging colourful pans and cutlery, a touch of colour has proven to spark a few ideas.

Your home is your sanctuary; it’s the place where you should feel at ease. Making changes that reflects your personality will always be your best option. After you’ve revamped and up styled your humble abode, post pictures –it will definitely be twitter-worthy since you’re now a home-style guru.  Get ready your friends will want tips.

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