Jewellery you’ll keep for the rest of your life

August 18, 2015

You could choose to fill your cupboard with many pieces of cheap clothing which you’ll wear once or twice. Or you could fill your cupboard with classic pieces which you will love wearing every day. The same can be said for your jewellery collection. There are endless options out there for us.

What is the point of owning many cheap items which you hardly every wear? Instead, you could own just a few investment pieces which you’ll wear all the time with pride. These are our picks for the pieces of jewellery you should own.

Diamond studs

Nothing says classic simplicity like a pair of simple daimond studs. They are the perfect accompainemtn to every outfit – formal or casual. They will instantly make a casual outfit appear just that little bit more special. They will also help to make a gown more simple. Diamond studs are the perfect gift to give a special woman in your lfie as she’ll be sure to think of you every time she wears them.

Classic rings

A set of simple, stackable rings is a must-have for every women. Wearing a group of thin rings on multiple fingers is a quick way to make a style statement. They’ll also draw attention to your hands, a very attractive part of the body. Make sure your nails are neatly manicured and as beautiful as your set of rings.


Big and chunky, subtle and simple, whatever your preferred necklace style there is an investment option for you. A few years ago, bold and big necklaces were all the rage. At the moment, the style in vogue is more understated. But as we all know, fashion trends do come back in style in a few years. Don’t be afraid to buy an investment necklace which is fashionable now. You will have many years of wear out of it.


A simple bracelet, or even stack of bracelets, can often be the finishing touch your outfit needs. Wear your bracelets on the same arm as your watch for a modern interpretation of this age-old style staple.

Wedding jewellery

Wedding bands for women will always be a must-have, keep forever item of jewellery. But there are other pieces of jewelley you’ll wear on your wedding day which you might like to invest in. A special pair of earrings or simple bracelet to completment your dress could be items which you wear often and always with a smile as you remember your big day.

When getting dressed every day, remember the wise words of designer Coco Chanel. She famously said she takes off at least one piece of jewellery before leaving the house. Coco was a woman who beleived in simple, classic style.

And the best part of buying jewellery which you’ll keep for the rest of your life? Being able to give those pieces to your daughters, nieces or granddaughters one day.

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