Just married: what every newlywed couple needs in their home

March 20, 2018

After the heady excitement of planning your wedding, and the romance of the big day, you are finally able to settle down and think about what you need to buy for your home together. This can be a confusing process as one of you may want to look for decorative items while the other is more practical. To save you from the hassle, the tips below outline what every newlywed couple needs in their home.

Bedding sets

Having at least two bedding sets will allow you to alternate between them when one set is in the laundry. You will also be able to easily create different looks simply by changing your bedding, and each of you will be able to choose something you enjoy looking at.

Bedding sets should match the colour scheme or theme of a room, so if you have a neutral toned room having a loud patterned bed set may not suit the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. However, if you are both more eclectic, you can mix and match your bedding sets to create a fun and funky atmosphere.  

A ‘grown-up’ crockery set

Having your own home means that you will want to invite guests over for get togethers, lunches and dinners. You do not want to be stuck with a mismatched collection of plates or not enough to serve everyone. Buying a crockery set will give you an elegant, matching crockery set to use for yourselves and for guests.

Look for crockery sets in porcelain rather than in bone china, due to porcelain’s higher durability levels. Bone china is perfect for special occasions but not for everyday use, as it can break easily and cannot be put into a dishwasher. White is always a good go-to colour choice, as it will highlight the food but blues and greens are gaining popularity in crockery trends too.

Bath and hand towels

Always look for good quality towels. They will last longer and feel better on your skin after a warm shower. They are also more absorbent, a characteristic which low-quality towels often lack. High-quality towels often look better, making your bathroom more luxurious.

Hand towels are important for both the bathroom and the kitchen, so be sure to look for good quality options for these as well. Choose high absorbency, as you will need to be able to dry your hands properly. Be sure to match your hand towels to the towels in the bathroom as this will create symmetry. Matching bathroom sets also reduce the appearance of clutter in a small bathroom.

A good mattress

Having a sturdy, supportive and comfortable mattress is vital to your combined happiness as a couple. Take time to research your options by visiting different bed stores and look online for suggestions of what to look for if you have back problems or sleep issues.

A good quality mattress is vital for a good night’s sleep and can help you and your spouse to maintain good posture and avoid back pain. Memory foam mattresses, coil mattresses and spring mattresses are all good options but be sure to stick to your budget as the prices can become expensive. Look for a mattress that suits both of your requirements.

A toolkit

Neither of you may be DIY fanatics or up-and-coming MacGyvers, but having a basic tool kit in the house can help immensely with small fixes that need to be performed. Having a set of screwdrivers, spanners and other tools can help in times of emergency.

Assembling furniture and hanging artwork is also made easier when you have a toolkit to hand, as does maintenance. You should always contact a professional if a major problem occurs, even if you have a well stocked toolkit. Simple fixes such as tightening taps or fixing chair legs can be done DIY-style but if your tap has burst and is leaking water then it is better to contact a professional.


Storage space is important to keeping your home decluttered and spacious. You could invest in some storage furniture such as ottomans or coffee tables that have drawers for the lounge space, or look for floating shelves for those spaces where you cannot have freestanding furniture.

The kitchen is a space that is often overlooked when it comes to storage, so it is important to look for solutions for this space. You could choose to have a wall hanging spice rack to clear up more counter space or you could look for free-standing plastic storage drawers to put in a corner for all the odds and ends that accumulate in the kitchen. Your bedroom will need items such as a kist for winter blankets and a sock drawer organiser to keep things tidy.

Put your own stamp on it

As a married couple you will most likely have a plethora of photographs, knick-knacks and souvenirs between you both, so do not forget to display these around your home to make it truly yours, whether you are renting or if you own the house. Once you have chosen the perfect bedding sets, found a sturdy mattress and installed the right amount of storage you can relax and enjoy your home as newlyweds.

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