Keep kids busy during Easter

March 13, 2015

The Easter Holidays are coming up and parents everywhere need to find some way to entertain their children – after all, Easter is a holiday and parents would want some time to themselves, since just because they’re off business work, doesn’t mean they should be constantly there doing parent work.

As the years have shown, it’s a lucrative business to cater to kids. Looking at England, data shows some interesting figures: “Parents under pressure to keep children entertained during the Easter school holidays will fork out an average of £300 on a short breaks and day trips, according to new data.

“Families in the city of Wolverhampton admitted to spending the most, a total of £450, research by Travelodge found.”

Savvy creators and planners have recognised this. In the UK, several shows are running during the holiday times directly appealing to kids. These are live shows that can keep kids entertained and allow parents freedom to enjoy personal time.

Ideally, you’d want your kid to get some exercise, too. This could mean taking them to sports games or perhaps preparing something like DIY jungle gyms that can be easily installed and allow for play.

There are also specials on video games systems, that tend to happen during Easter time – so, since most homes have a TV of some kind, you can pick up a gaming console to distract the kids. The most family-friendly, the Nintendo WiiU has been reduced in price and most games can be purchased at a discount rate, due to their age. Parents can also rest safe in the knowledge that basically all games for the Nintendo system is family-friendly and suitable for children.

Parents can also send their kids out to the movies, with popular franchises and big-named studios releasing films during Easter this year. Disney is doing a live-action Cinderella – with Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham-Carter, releasing 27 March; the popular franchise SpongeBob is getting its second film, too, releasing on the 20 March. Other films like Home 3D and a short sequel to the award-winning Frozen are also all releasing at this time.

There are not really any specific events around cities like Cape Town, during the Easter Week – though no doubt many places and restaurants will have specials to cater to the whole family. The tradition in Cape Town is to devour pickled fish and hot cross buns, which will be dominating the restaurants, shops and bakery.

All of this could mean spending time with the kids which many parents will want to do, too – but there’s no reason to dismiss some ways to have them entertain themselves and give you some breathing room for what should be a relaxed holiday.

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