Keeping fresh on your flight

November 17, 2015

Flights can be long. Perhaps even longer than long! Your excitement has no bounds as you anticipate stepping off the aeroplane, only to find that you look like you have just been released from an asylum. Your hair is begging for mercy, your skin is parched and let’s not talk about your smell. Miracles do happen and you don’t need to look like a hot mess. Stay clear of these common traveler’s mistakes to remain your optimum best.

Your hair

If only there were hair stylists onboard, then we would all avoid having a flat hair. The dry air is stressful on your tresses. Avoid trying to look like a beaut on the flight with voluminous looking hair. Do yourself a major favour, put on leave-in conditioner and and wear it up in a ponytail or a high bun that won’t smack against the seat back. You can also wear a low side ponytail or a side braid and top it off with a cute hat. However, do not  use hairspray or gel in your hair.

Keep perfume to a minimal

Don’t annoy your fellow passengers by marinating in your perfume. If you must have a scent on you of some sort then use lavender essential oil instead, which actually kills the bacteria responsible for making you smell bad. Once off the flight, you can purchase duty free perfume. The wonderful thing about lavender oil is that it will leave you smelling refreshed and also kill off any antibacterial properties. It also has relaxing properties, which will beat anxiety and even help you catch a few hours of sleep during the flight.

Do a quick touch up

While you wait for your bags to come on the luggage belt, you have 10 to 15 minutes to run off and do a quick touch up in the bathroom. Brush your teeth, use some mouthwash and splash your face with some water. Apply moisturiser and a bit of make up for a fresh and bright complexion. Got greasy roots? No problem, use dry shampoo to soak up the oil and add volume. Ask the flight attendant to give you some ice in a plastic bag minutes before you land, put the ice on your eyes to reduce swelling and puffiness. Then you are good to go!


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