Let positivity flow all through your home

May 5, 2016

Your home should be a sanctuary where you feel most secure and positive about life. After a long day of work you should feel excited to go home. If you feel anything but relief to be heading home at the end of the day, then your home needs a revamp. Positive affirmations throughout your household will help you to feel uplifted and give you the boost you need to take on life’s curveballs.


The bathroom


Soap is for your body, laughter is for your soul


Our most secret emotions can reveal ourselves while in the privacy of the bathroom. Which is why having an inspiring quote above your mirror is ideal to remind yourself that life gets tough but you’re tougher and it’s okay to shed a tear. Or perhaps put up a quote that brings a smile to your face   helping you to take on the day that lies ahead. The quotes you choose can form a part of your bathroom decor and be printed on decals, posters or even plaques that match the colour scheme of your bathroom sets.


Quote ideas:


  • Soak your cares away
  • Don’t allow anyone to ever burst your bubble



The kitchen


Always be ready to whip up smile


The kitchen is open to all. It’s where banter happens, homework is done and where food is prepared. The kitchen is a symbol for unity in the home as it brings everyone together over a hot plate of food. Marriage therapist, Sharon O’Neill, says a young couple should prepare meals together from the start. It teaches them  to communicate and work toward a common goal. By doing so they are deciding which groceries to buy or who will do what in the kitchen while preparing a meal. Putting a quote up in the kitchen should affirm the love the family has for each other.


Quote ideas:


  • Add a little spice to your life
  • Don’t be afraid to try something new, even if you may end up with a little cut



The bedroom


Feel free to enter, Mr Sandman


After a long day at work all most of us want to do is kick off our shoes and fall onto our beds. Life can drain us and the bedroom should be the ultimate sanctuary where you can recoup and re-energise yourself. Your bedroom should inspire you and rejuvenate your spirit so you can wait up with a smile each day. A positive quote on the wall opposite your bed should be a reminder that sometimes dreams can come true and there is more to life than the mundane.


Quote ideas:

  • Be thankful for what you have, it could be worse.
  • A dream is only a dream until it becomes a reality. What are you going to do about your dream?

Be inspired to live life to the fullest, and make sure your home is a reminder to always look on the brightside of life. Let your walls encourage you and your loved ones to smile and be happy.


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