Love the extras? Features you need in your car

January 17, 2019

Car shopping is almost as fun as clothes shopping. And for both types of shopping, you are able to choose a few extras to go with what you have bought. For a new dress, you will pick a necklace or a pair of earrings but for a car, you will be looking at smart cruise control, alloy wheels, electric windows or electric mirrors. When you look for cars for sale in the North West and other provinces, be sure to keep an eye out for the features that you think are necessary.

You will find that the car dealerships in the North West offer cars for sale with common and unique features. Some of the second-hand cars in the North West might need to be upgraded, but this can easily be done. If you are not sure where to start looking, read on for all the features you need to have in your car.

Smarten up with cruise control

Some of the used cars for sale in the North West offer the feature of cruise control. Cruise control allows you to set a constant speed for your car to travel at, without having to use the accelerator. And you might also find that smart cruise control is an option, too.

Smart cruise control allows you to set your speed while still maintaining the flow of the traffic, meaning that it is adaptive to the speed the traffic is travelling at. Cruise control is useful if you plan on going on a long drive for work purposes and need to be able to maintain a certain speed. While it is not a common feature in older used cars in the North West, newer models might have this feature available.

Be a better driver with a blind-spot warning system

If a vehicle is in a spot that you might not easily be able to see, a blind-spot warning system will sound off an alarm, letting you know about the situation. You will find that this is immensely useful when having to use difficult parking or need to reverse out of your driveway.

You can change the settings on this warning system to make it suit your needs or you can leave the default settings on. It also allows you to drive in heavy traffic or multi-lane highways with more confidence and ease. Lights are placed on the mirrors, and sensors cause them to turn on when a vehicle is detected in your blind spot. Your risk of being in an accident will be much lower and you can drive more safely than previously.

Always be cool with air conditioning

Having an air conditioner in your car in South Africa is a need more than a want. And this is because we have temperatures that can reach the high 30s and when driving can become unpleasant. Be sure that the air conditioner works properly and is fully gassed when you buy the car.

Air conditioning also helps on those chilly winter mornings when you need to warm up the car on the way to work or school. It is important not to use the air conditioner too much, as this will cause the gas to run out quickly and you will need to replace it sooner than you might have thought. Some older model cars have knobs for changing the temperature and settings while newer ones might have touch screens and small buttons.

Reverse right with a camera

A reverse camera is a new feature on the more modern cars you will find for sale, but it is one that will come in handy in tricky situations. Some options will also offer you a 360-degree camera, so you can see around the entirety of your car, stopping you from possibly hitting a pole or even another car.

You will find that reversing becomes much easier by using this camera and that you are more confident when parking and driving. You will also find models that alert the driver with sound when they are too close to another car or object while reversing. This is highly useful in a crowded parking lot or if you are trying to reverse out of a tight space. Be sure to activate it and tune the settings to meet your own needs.

Embrace the extras

Some of us do not mind having just the basics in our cars but there are certain features that you should look into to give your new car that little something extra. And some of them will come in handy in difficult situations, such as a camera to help you reverse and lights alerting of an object in your blind spot. Air conditioning and cruise control will make your ride more efficient and enjoyable, allowing you to get to and from your destination with ease. So, buckle up and look out for the best features for your needs.

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